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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Inspiring Our Younger Generations~Musical Talent

Who inspired you when you were young, a parent, a mentor, a teacher, maybe nobody bothered to inspire you at all. Artists are creators of inspiration in many media, some use paint, pencil and paper or canvas to inspire, some photographic artists use a camera lens to capture precious moments in time for years to come to enjoy. Music tends to sooth a savage soul, calm a inwardly deep thought and inspire us to flow upward, not downward in a spiral. Music can change lives.
Even the musical artistry of a novice 12 year old can inspire you, make you wonder, where does this inspiration come from? Did someone or something inspire him to create? How we can keep this creativity flowing.........spiraling...... upwardly........... in a direction of positive life changing momentum.

Please head to You Tube and "view" this young artist's video, he will celebrate his 13th birthday very soon and to inspire him as a birthday present his mother requests as many "views" to get to 100,000 if possible. He is creating music with a free web program and wants more professional equipment to work with, as he needs and deserves. This is a surprise for him, as he does not know his mother's "mommy friends" are sharing his work all over our social media.
As an artist in many different media myself, I rely on the inspirations of other artist's, positive role models, musical artistry to keep me motivated, creating, writing,blogging, painting, designing more and more. We must keep our younger generation inspired so art, no matter the media, will live on for many centuries to come to enjoy and be inspired.

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