Sunday, October 26, 2008

My rFactor racing champ

Bad boys of racing series, my online racer and his
car. My son's passion has always been racing.
Since he was about 1 yr old he has always had
racing on his brain. Online or Sim racing is his
new passion, it takes time, patience and an eye
for detail to create ,paint and then run one of
these "virtual " cars on an online event.
The above graphic is from his first win on rFactor
more info on http://www.race1online.com/, this is the
next big thing in racing cars. Hopefully we
can take this talent and work towards a degree
in IT or computer graphics etc. A homeschool
momma always looks for potential future
endeavors :) right?

"Party Girl" is 5

Cool cake by cake artist Amy Murphy

Such a little diva

Look Mommy what I got!!!!!!Hannah

Love my musical cards "Who let the dogs out!!"

Last Sunday whe had an "Art Birthday Party" at the
Hickory Museum of Art. It was themed a fairyland
party for kings or queens. S was the special bd girl
guest, since she just recently turned 5 yrs old.
Hannah Montana had to adorn that cool cake that
was made by our most special cake lady friend.
Amy of CakesbyamyM http://www.cakesbyamym.com/
does all of our birthday creations. This one looked
just like a mini-wedding cake with a HM theme.
And boy was it good as always, vanilla with purple
buttercream icing (S's fav color and request) Amy
did her best to make just what S wanted.
The party guests got to create a one of a kind banner
for the birthday girl and paint anything they wanted
on it. They also made crowns, fairy /dragon wings,
and magic wands to turn any mommy/daddy into
little green froggies.
S loaded up on the presents, Hannah stuff galore,
(Thank you Teresa !! and Debbie and Karen !!)
in addition to all sorts of other wonderful things
that she is still talking about. My baby is growing up
so fast and getting cuter by the hour.

"Pink Warriors" October 18, 2008

There is me on the far right with my "Cancer sucks" hat

What a beautiful day ! for a 3 mile brisk walk!

Mommies Rock to "Save the Ta Ta's"

"Pink Warriors" was what we were last Saturday
for the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in
Hickory NC. Our CFM team was among the
many people that ran or walked the streets near
Lenoir Rhyne University that cool and sunny
morning. I walked in memory of my beloved
grandmother, who died from breast cancer, in
honor of my cousin who survived and for the
future of my 2 beautiful daughters, may they
see the cure for breast cancer in the near future.
Together we can find a cure for this terrible
disease called "Cancer"
"Save the Ta TA's " , I want to keep mine :)

"Fire in the hole" or tank

Educational, or just plain crazy?? Well it was actually very
educational for my 3 kids to see just what can happen when you
play around with a propane tank and some fire. As a part of our
daddy's hazmat training for work as a propane truck driver,
he was required to attend this controlled burn exercise with a
local fire department. His boss encouraged them to bring
kids/spouses to watch what can happen to a propane tank
when it is open and comes in contact with fire.
They actually ran the hose from one of the propane trucks they drive
to the actual tank and could control the amount of gas that was going
to the fire. The firemen could then train on how to cut off the gas
and put out the blaze. Don't worry, the kids were far enough back to
watch, but not get in the way or near the flames. Safety first when it
comes to fire. As a part of Fire Safety month in September we went
over some fire safety tips and talked again about what to do when in
a fire.
Cool pictures above taken by my hubby. I was a work while all this
was going on, talk about a nervous Nelly. When he told me he was
taking the kids to see a propane tank explode.....I about flipped. But
all was well and he kept them safe and sound. Er nurses always think
the worst case senario :)

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