Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mr Nasty...go away!!!

Do you ever wonder where "flu bugs" or
"Mr Nasty comes from?? I want to know
so I can kick his butt like he has kicked our
butt the last week. First was me, I got up last Wednesday
and all of a sudden I was headed to the bathroom. I hate
to puke!! Despise it! I ended up calling in sick to work,
one thing I hardly ever do. I crawled back in the bed
with my trusty bottle of Phenergan and went into a coma.
Got up later that night feeling better. Mr B came down
with it late Thursday after the "cheetah girl's" birthday
party, I put him to bed and prayed he did not mess up
his back surgery site with all the vomiting. I thought we
had it beat until early Saturday morning, I awoke to the
lovely sound of the "lil diva"yelling "MOOOMMY" and
a loud SPLASH of yucky stuff all over her floor.
OH NO "Mr Nasty was back and had taken the littlest
chip off the Block hostage.
In a mad rush to get to a Self Defense Class that morning,
I cleaned her up and got her tucked in my bed with her
"bear-bear"and with Mr B looking at me like "you are
gonna leave me" ?
Yep buddy, she is all yours" :) He does not do well with
vomit. Luckily they slept while I was gone.
She continued to make my day with more sickness and
fun, then her sister says" I don't feel good, my tummy
feels funny".Ahhhhhhhh, Go away Mr Nasty bug!!!
Clorox in hand I cleaned the bathroom to get ready for
more fun. Why am I a nurse at home!! The cheetah
was slowed in her tracks and crawled into bed to
hibernate in her cheetah lair under the loft bed,
for 2 days of Gatorade and Motrin/Tylenol.
She brought me the thermometer at one point and says
"is 103.7 a bad number" "I am a hot potato mommy"
"Is my brain gonna fry"? "Am I gonna get a shot?"
"I think I need to go to the Er now (what am I??
chopped liver ??does she even know how long I have
been an ER nurse?) I laughed and just told her, "no
mommy is gonna take good care of you right here
at home, in our own little hospital." Even though this
mommy wanted to pull all of her hair out by this time.
(funny what kids think about illness)
We made it to Monday and off mommy went to work
in the real "nuthouse" called the ER. I think Mr Nasty
followed me out the door to work and I passed off to
some other poor sucker......Yahoo and good riddens to ya!
~~~~~~~~Leslie ~~~~~~~
aka : Chief Butt wiper and Imodium AD distributor :)
"what ever you do, don't say you are sick and then bend over
mommy will get you"

Happy St Patty's day!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

What a crazy week!!

What a crazy week here at the ol' Blockhouse!! Even though I have been off work a few days, the craziness seems more that a really busy shift in the ER. We had a birthday girl turn 9 on Tuesday, whoo hoo for the "cheetah -girl" who is sassier that ever. My daddy got to come home from the hospital a little earlier that my mom thought, not sure if that is good or not. His liver cancer is growing now and probably outside his liver, which they are calling "in the nodules". He needs to get stronger before more chemo, but the mention of going to a "rehab facility" or " assisted living" facility seemed to get his attention...."Oh no I'm not". Maybe that will get his butt in gear for healing at home.

And to top the cake my hubby finally got to have his back surgery today, 3 months after his fall at work on an icy December morning. He is recouping well tonight and will hopefully get to go back to work in 6-8 wks or less. My brain is about fried tonight and I am still up, so I am blogging away.

Algebra I has also contributed to the short circuiting of my brain tissue this week. My teenager has some struggles with his math and thought Mom was gonna know how to do those equations. Well after some heavy thinking and figuring we actually got it. A light bulb went off and he and I actually understood all those multi- step equations. Go momma go...... Go K- Dogg go.... now what is next??

To top off the entire week, we had a wonderful winter storm with about 6 inches of snow, IN MARCH!!
Cheetah- girl says that it snowed for her birthday :)

Chow for now!!
brain fried crispy original recipe :)

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