Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Itsy bitsy Spider......

The itsy bitsy spider came down the water spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out, out came the sun and dried up all the rain, and the itsy bitsy spider crawled up the spout again.
These brown spiders actually crawled up onto our front porch and off our back steps last week. One of them was right outside our sunroom window so the kids could watch her weave her web while sitting on the freezer. Their daddy had just changed the flood lights outside and the biggest web was illuminated as we turned the lights directional path. Later that evening I went out onto the front porch and found 3 more webs and busy little spiders. As a crazy homeschooling momma, I just had to take pictures of them all. It is amazing how much time spiders take weaving their webs and in the morning as the sun rises the web will be gone.

Do Watermelons Have Butts??

Last week my dear hubby brought me home a present. He called me outside to help him carry in some groceries and lo and behold I found this giant of a watermelon in the back of his vechicle. He just laughed and then proceeded to call K (our teenager) out to "bring in the melon". We watched from the window and laughed when we saw his face " Holy crap" he said" thats one big melon". It was about 85 pounds actually!! We brought the monster inside only after I took some pics of it of course. Our youngest S wanted to ride on it and she had to ask "mommy,do watermelons have butts?" She even pointed to the end of the melon and said "yes they do look there is it's butt". It was really toooo big and not as sweet as I like, but we did devour it and put the empty rinds outside so the butterflys and honey bees might have some food. We are watching for the migration of the Monarch butterflys and have been talking about good/bad insects in God's world. I'm sure the ants right how are having a huge party, boogie down on the watermelon rind:)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who forgot to build an Ark

Yes I love the rain and thank God for "washing the earth "as my kids call it, but it rained all day yesterday and on and off again today. I am beginning to wonder who forgot to build an Ark. My flowers are loving it, the picture is from on of my big pots on the side of the house. Everyone here has stuffy noses including mommy. I have been at this computer for hours playing around with my blog and adding stuff.
I need to finish some housework, but my behind seems to be glued to this chair. The warden(hubby) will be home soon and want some supper , I have no idea what to cook. My youngest diva has been gluing "triangles" to paper all morning, my middle drama queen is addicted to "club penguin"online and has been at the North Pole(or where ever they are) in penguin -land all morning. My oldest , our teen basement dweller got home around lunchtime and is in his hole playing xbox360 I am sure.
We are going to start our homeschool classes next week after Labor Day, so I am letting them soak up some "me" lazy time until then. That also lets me soak up some"me" time to finish other projects and housework.
God Bless and have a wonderful day

Hello from the Blockhouse

Hello friends,
This is our first attempt at blogging our life at the "Blockhouse", a homeschooling household that could also qualify as a mental ward. Our household consists of 3 homeschooled kiddos that are kindergarten ---- high school, my truck driving hubby, myself - an Er nurse and injury prevention educator, plus a couple of fat doggies, 2 kitty cats and 1 poor parakeet. A zoo you say, yes!! Stay tuned for the blogging of our crazy life..........

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