Monday, July 6, 2015

How Do You Homeschool or Life-School with Chronic Illness In The Way? #homeschooling #lifeschool #chronicillness

So how do you homeschool your children effectively if you are depressed or chronically ill?
Maybe you have a parent that is sick or your spouse is sick?
Believe it or not those are some of the best reason's on earth to homeschool or "life-school" ,as we call it here at our house, your children.

In 2009 my father passed away from a long battle with 3 different types of cancer, first prostate, then colon, and finally the nasty liver cancer devil took hold and would not let go. I feel blessed that he was able to spend an additional 10 years with us here on earth due to the advances of modern medicine. Homeschooling enabled my 3 children to travel back and forth from NC to SC with me to stay with him anytime we wanted to, even when he was in a hospice house facility, they were right there at his side. Those years we will never get back and will cherish forever. They learned lessons that traditional schools can never teach.

Fast forward to 2013 the unthinkable begins to unfold, our beloved grandmother, my momma starts failing fast with pneumonia that ends up being " lung cancer" that has eaten thru to her ribs. She was so ill and hospitalized after falling at home unconscious due to sepsis. My youngest daughter stayed with me in SC to help care for her until she passed away the first night in hospice ( we still believe my daddy came to get her that night, they are now together in heaven).

My husband and I both have chronic illness's, my husband is now disabled and home all the time now, which has been good for our homeschool actually. He is a great help to me when my kids need some extra motivation (if you know what I mean), especially on Mondays since I work night shift on the weekends as an ER nurse and need my sleep.

The number one thing to share about homeschooling if you or your family have a chronic illness is flexibility! You have to learn how to be flexible and that it is very ok to do things your own way.
We learned a long time ago that a more eclectic style of schooling (using many different styles of homeschooling) worked great for our family, even some un-schooling at times works for us. As long as your children are learning and growing, happy and healthy what else matters.....right!

We use a variety of online sites including Time4Learning and The Khan Academy in addition to You-tube videos to learn. I like to print off worksheets if we are on the road or need some extra practice on a particular topic. You can find many free or cheaper sites to print worksheets, such as TeachersPayTeachers, Educents, ABCTeach, and Enchanted Learning. There are so many more and many are listed here on my blog if you search for my older articles.

No matter what you use, as long as your kids are learning, thriving and growing in knowledge, nothing else matters. Others will try to tell you how to school your children, but you are their parent, you know what is best for each one. Don't let others sway your decisions or sink your ship. You are fabulous and you know it!!

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