Saturday, October 10, 2009

~~Hope Eternal~~

A poem written several years go by my father was found recently on his computer.Such a powerful message about cancer and the power of hope that is eternally foundin our Savior. We celebrated the life of my daddy "Mr Tom" today in a beautiful memorial service that spoke of his life and how special he was to many people.
Now he is celebrating in heaven with many loved ones that have already gone on.The link below takes you to his Legacy.com webpage so you can see how special he was to us.

Legacy memorial site here


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mommy can we play sand??

One evening L and S begged me to play with a bucket of sand that we keep in our classroom, so I gave in and let them. Little did I know ,as they ran back and forth to the kitchen filling up cups of water, that a huge mess was in progress. But they had fun and actually played together without arguing, so I just cleaned up the mess. One of them at one point had her feet in that bucket and says "look mommy I'm at the beach".

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What are heros??

Hero's= Parents

Thru thick and thin, better or worse my parents have stuck it out for the long haul of over 45 years. I love them for the fact that they are my parents, nothing sugar coated, just ordinary people with extra ordinary love for each other and us.

Glue= Jesus Christ

Without the glue..............nothing can stick together!!

My father is dying with liver cancer that has metastasized to other places in his body now, but knowing that he will sit at the feet of Jesus is the glue that is holding me together now. My grandmother will meet him at the gate and hug his neck so tight, she would be so proud of him now. Once an alcoholic, cancer brought him to the cross after many years of prayer and planting of seeds that grew into years of service to the kindom of God.


Child of God
Daughter of grace

Monday, July 20, 2009

Up Up and Away

For the second year in a row at Vacation Bible School we have done a "balloon" sendoff for whatever grade we have been teaching. This year was the 3rd graders turn. We picked red balloons this year so they were easily seen in the sky as they flew away. Attached to each and every balloon was a card with our church's name, phone number and website http://woodlawnbaptist.org plus the ABC's of how to become a Christian. Our hope is that someone would find the card and come to know Jesus as their personal savior. Last year the 2nd graders sent off the balloons and a lady in Georgia actually found one of the cards in her yard and called back to tell us.
After a short prayer, all the kids and teachers let their balloons go and we all watched from the church courtyard as they went "up up and away".

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Where the heck have I been??

I am not really sure myself! Since April our household here has been pretty hectic, and I wonder why my hair is grey (only when I can't find some new hair in a box). We have weathered storms of illness's - first my father ,who can't seem to behave himself, has been in and out of the hospital with cancer/chemo related complications. We found out that his cancer has spread , but with prayer and faith we praise God for everyday.

Then it was my turn to not behave (yes me) because I take after my daddy:). I have been told that I am the most stubborn nurse and my yucky gallbladder full of gallstones finally caught up with me (while we were out of town at a beach wedding). I had been running away from this little problem for about 2 years. Gallbladder problems and fried seafood do not mix I found out the hard way, but ohhhhh was it gooooood!! I ended up with all sorts of problems and surgery in May. Have I mentioned how much I hate being a patient myself??

June seems to be the month for Mr B to take a turn with being very sick, we are just getting over a bowel obstruction. Thank you to his late night "almond" cravings he had to endure 2 ambulance trips, an ER visit and a little vacation in the UNC hospital system. I am amazed by the power of prayer, he was so sick and I was getting worried about the way things were looking, then he turned around for the better. God at work in our lives again!!
In addition to being sick and taking care of my hubby, I have had to endure a major water leak that poured into our basement( 2 days after I was home from surgery)and the install of our new heating and air system. I am so ready to go back to work and get a break. That is where the heck I have been!
aka: stubborn and stressed in NC

Our Yearbook Picture

Each year our local homeschool support group (ACE) does a yearbook, (yes we are socialized enough to have a yearbook) and each family does a page to show some of our pictures or activities for the year. This is our page for the school year 2008-2009. Just wanted to share. I used Photoshop 7 with some digi-scrap templates and elements to put it together. The flip-flop picture was taken on our recent trip to Topsail island, the other pictures were taken by my wonderful photographer friend Sheri Allison www.sheriallison.com .

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mr Nasty...go away!!!

Do you ever wonder where "flu bugs" or
"Mr Nasty comes from?? I want to know
so I can kick his butt like he has kicked our
butt the last week. First was me, I got up last Wednesday
and all of a sudden I was headed to the bathroom. I hate
to puke!! Despise it! I ended up calling in sick to work,
one thing I hardly ever do. I crawled back in the bed
with my trusty bottle of Phenergan and went into a coma.
Got up later that night feeling better. Mr B came down
with it late Thursday after the "cheetah girl's" birthday
party, I put him to bed and prayed he did not mess up
his back surgery site with all the vomiting. I thought we
had it beat until early Saturday morning, I awoke to the
lovely sound of the "lil diva"yelling "MOOOMMY" and
a loud SPLASH of yucky stuff all over her floor.
OH NO "Mr Nasty was back and had taken the littlest
chip off the Block hostage.
In a mad rush to get to a Self Defense Class that morning,
I cleaned her up and got her tucked in my bed with her
"bear-bear"and with Mr B looking at me like "you are
gonna leave me" ?
Yep buddy, she is all yours" :) He does not do well with
vomit. Luckily they slept while I was gone.
She continued to make my day with more sickness and
fun, then her sister says" I don't feel good, my tummy
feels funny".Ahhhhhhhh, Go away Mr Nasty bug!!!
Clorox in hand I cleaned the bathroom to get ready for
more fun. Why am I a nurse at home!! The cheetah
was slowed in her tracks and crawled into bed to
hibernate in her cheetah lair under the loft bed,
for 2 days of Gatorade and Motrin/Tylenol.
She brought me the thermometer at one point and says
"is 103.7 a bad number" "I am a hot potato mommy"
"Is my brain gonna fry"? "Am I gonna get a shot?"
"I think I need to go to the Er now (what am I??
chopped liver ??does she even know how long I have
been an ER nurse?) I laughed and just told her, "no
mommy is gonna take good care of you right here
at home, in our own little hospital." Even though this
mommy wanted to pull all of her hair out by this time.
(funny what kids think about illness)
We made it to Monday and off mommy went to work
in the real "nuthouse" called the ER. I think Mr Nasty
followed me out the door to work and I passed off to
some other poor sucker......Yahoo and good riddens to ya!
~~~~~~~~Leslie ~~~~~~~
aka : Chief Butt wiper and Imodium AD distributor :)
"what ever you do, don't say you are sick and then bend over
mommy will get you"

Happy St Patty's day!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

What a crazy week!!

What a crazy week here at the ol' Blockhouse!! Even though I have been off work a few days, the craziness seems more that a really busy shift in the ER. We had a birthday girl turn 9 on Tuesday, whoo hoo for the "cheetah -girl" who is sassier that ever. My daddy got to come home from the hospital a little earlier that my mom thought, not sure if that is good or not. His liver cancer is growing now and probably outside his liver, which they are calling "in the nodules". He needs to get stronger before more chemo, but the mention of going to a "rehab facility" or " assisted living" facility seemed to get his attention...."Oh no I'm not". Maybe that will get his butt in gear for healing at home.

And to top the cake my hubby finally got to have his back surgery today, 3 months after his fall at work on an icy December morning. He is recouping well tonight and will hopefully get to go back to work in 6-8 wks or less. My brain is about fried tonight and I am still up, so I am blogging away.

Algebra I has also contributed to the short circuiting of my brain tissue this week. My teenager has some struggles with his math and thought Mom was gonna know how to do those equations. Well after some heavy thinking and figuring we actually got it. A light bulb went off and he and I actually understood all those multi- step equations. Go momma go...... Go K- Dogg go.... now what is next??

To top off the entire week, we had a wonderful winter storm with about 6 inches of snow, IN MARCH!!
Cheetah- girl says that it snowed for her birthday :)

Chow for now!!
brain fried crispy original recipe :)

Friday, February 20, 2009

iKeepSafe Pretty cool I thought

I came across some websites for Internet safety and wanted to share:






there are so many sites that are dedicated to keeping kids

safe online, just do a search yourself. You can never be to

safe with your kids all over the Internet these days.

I have a teen that lives online and the 2 younger ones

want to follow also. Of course "monkey see monkey do"

since Mommy lives here in cyberspace.

Leslie~~~~aka "Monkey do mom" today

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"No!! Mommy is not an Octopus!!"

Yes, most days this is me!! Mommy with 8 arms floating
in a big ocean of waves that are about to crash on me.
I feel privileged to have my article posted on
Please check it out at the link above.
How many other moms feel this way on a a daily basis?
We all try to keep the peace and attempt to make
everyone happy. But sometimes we need to step back
and look at the big picture and take care of ourselves.
Not an easy thing for me to say or do, I seem to go
24/7 like the "Energizer bunny" . Think about what
God really wants you to be doing and ask him for
his guidance each day, I bet he will tell you if you just
ask and then stop to listen. He is always there and loves
those times he has you all to himself for a little "me"
and my "God" time ;)
When I take time for me and ask for guidance my day
goes so much smoother and I am able to then focus
on the tasks at hand and encourage others.


Backpacks for the Homeless project

The month of January 2009 as a homeschool mission project

in conjunction with CentralFoothillsMommies.com,

we collected items to fill up backpacks for the homeless

in Catawba county. Our children and mommies were

able to fill 4 backpacks to the brim with can goods/

water/tarps/socks/gloves/hats/wool blankets/

sweatpants and sweat shirts. I delivered these

backpacks on a cold and wet day to the Catawba

Mental Health partners office. It really gave me

a tiny insight to what it might be like to outside

on such a cold day and carry around a heavy

backpack that might just be the only possessions

a homeless person has to their name. I am

humbled to think that being homeless to any

of us is just a paycheck away at times. On January

28th 2009 the Mental Health Partners along with

other agencies in the county put together 4 different

stations in the county to get an accurate count of just

how many homeless people we have here. They also

offered free health screenings, information and bp

checks for these people in addition to giving them a

backpack for no cost. The estimate was 250 people

that live here in Catawba county that are homeless.

That number is expected to rise due the

unemployment rates and the economy. The kids

learned a valuable lesson about giving back and

what the word "homeless"actually means.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Sim racing pics by Kdogg74

This is why we race online ;) that #74 car in the air is
my teenager, who also painted this car himself using
computer graphics in Paintshop Pro 8. "Bad wreck in
practice lap he tells me". I post many pictures of the
2 little sisters and this time I wanted to show how
proud I was of the teen that lives here also, my 9th
grade racer "Kdogg74" The #74 was his old football
jersey number and he had kept with that number
racing online and go-karts in the dirt. Funny how
this little boy of mine once learned all his
colors and numbers before kindergarten by race
cars. He could tell me all the Nascar cars, numbers,
colors and the drivers before he was 5. I never
imagined that teaching him at an early age would
lead to this :) By the way, he is not a "little boy"
anymore, he is taller that me, and I have been
about 5'9" since the 6th grade.

SBS racing online, his 2nd sprint car

After a hard 60 lap race in Nascar 2003season,
Kdogg74finished 3rd. The Hardees car was painted
by driver.

Here is # 74 again, Hardees orange and white painted
by Kdogg74.

This car is my favorite, done in Paintshop pro8. You
can see why I bought him his own laptop with a
higher graphics card. I think we have found our niche
and can lean towards computer careers with our
homeschool high school courses. He actually taught
himself how to do all this with some help of some
great guys online via "teamspeak" at various online
sim racing forums and race1online. He has even
created his own website without my help
"Trial by Fire Racing www.tbfr.webs.com/ .

aka: Kdogg74's momma

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CFM Winterfest pictures

I just have to add the pictures that I digi-scrapped from our
event a couple of Saturday's ago. Winterfest 2009 for CFM http://www.centralfoothillmommies.com/
Hope you enjoy if you just stopped by to see our pictures.
My new found hobby of digi-scrapping and hybrid
scrapbooking.......ohhhh so addictive. I actually used the
Scrapblog pages on Photobucket to do these, so easy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kicking some "butt" MMA style

When you take an 8 yr old girl who thinks she is
a "cheetah" and mix it with Mixed Martial Arts;
you get a "cheetahgirl" that is learning how to
literally "kick some butt". After trying the usual
girlie girl stuff like dancing and cheerleading, our
middle DD has found her "niche" per say with the
help of her "Sensai" at Superior Martial Arts , L.
is learning a variety of ju-jitsu moves , boxing
and mixed martial arts techniques. She loves it!
Look out boys for the "Cheetah" so she is called.
aka: Cheetahmom

"A Blockhouse" gingerbread house

Just what do you get when you add a gingerbread
house kit, some icing, cookies, candy and 2 little girls??
A Blockhouse gingerbread house, thats what. It was
pretty for only a day until their big brother got hungry.

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