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Me, I am the Mommy! and chief blogger here at the Blockhouse Circus, I mean house, or zoo!
I am a woman of many hats and the ringmaster of this circus of life we call home. I am a fulltime homeschool mommy(of 3 great kids), a fulltime ER nurse of 25+ yrs, an Injury Prevention educator/specialist, in addition to maid, gardener,cook, chief bottle washer, butt wiper and wife. I am a retired Chapter Manager of a my local moms online support community www.CentralFoothillsMommies.com, and Sr Advisor of Social Media for the non-profit company "The Mommies Network" (www.themommiesnetwork.org). I serve as the Injury Prevention Specialist with www.Ed4Ed.com,an army of educators seeking to reach other educators for a common goal- keeping kids safe through education about risk taking behaviors,especially "the choking game". My passion is helping others,mentoring and inspiring women to be their best, teaching and keeping kids/adults safe. I blog about life at our crazy house,homeschooling, mommyhood and all things in between here www.Chipsofftheoldblock.blogspot.com. My blog  www.ERnursescare.blogspot.com serves to help educate others about real life prevention of injury and other health topics, follow me on facebook and other social media. Before you say it, yes I am tired! 

This is Mr B , my soulmate, we have been married since January of 2000. My second attempt at making a marriage work, I messed up the first one, but was blessed with an                        outstanding son, that I would never trade for the world. Amazing how God gives you a second chance at some things, you just have to work harder at them.

Mr B and I fell in love at first site, he was actually my patient in the ER one night, the victim of a 4-wheeler crash, I fixed him all up and sent him out the door with his discharge instructions. Little did I know that as I dreamed at home of my knight in shining armor riding on a white horse, he was at home dreaming of me. Come to find out this man of mine drove a "white' pickup truck and a "white" 4 wheeler, who knew?? He is my soul mate and best friend, even though he drives me insane daily. 
He has almost died several times since we married in 2000. So after multiple surgeries, intensive care stays and other stressful times in our lives, we have decided that it is just much easier to stay together and fight for each other, a love that seems to never die! Each kiss like the first one still, I know God found my knight in shining armor, just with a few dings....lol.

                          Our oldest "Chip" off the Block, Kris, our racer

My first graduated homeschooler!


And diva 1 and 2 
Ms L and lil makeup artist Ms S
 Yes they look alike, but they are three years apart believe it or not, and very 
very different.

Our Fur-kids :

Daisy and Buttons ( 1/2 Pug and Schnauzer)

Smokey ( our grey Russian blue)

Miss Lucy ( our rescue kitty- with her little short tail)

And our oldest Cat-boy (real name Tom) who is not going to be with us much longer
as he has been very sick and living his last days at home, kitty hospice, eating his favorite canned food and relaxing anywhere he wishes, the laundry room floor seems to be his favorite spot and outside under an old table. He enjoys daily brushing, massages and back scratching from mommy.
As he is approx 12 years + and has FIV and diabetes now in addition to some arthritis in his back hips, we made the decision to keep him happy until the end here at home. When the time comes that he is suffering more than we can control with natural remedies and medications, we will make the other choice, to not let him suffer more.

Update: Cat-boy did pass away and is now fancy free in kitty cat heaven probably laying at my mom and daddy's feet right now.

RIP CatBoy aka Tom ~~ we love you!!

And that is our crazy family~~~ so far

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  1. I love your family pics and story! Cute animals too.

    Eva :)


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