Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Homeschool yearbook picture 2009-2010

 As you can tell this homeschooling mom also has the photography and digital scrapbooking fever, I have given up my glue and scissors for my mouse and Photo-shop Elements 7. I can't just post a plain picture without adding some color and elements to it. Our home school association puts together a yearbook for all the families in the area that are interested, the top digi scrap is a recap of our year. We celebrated the birth of a driver as Mr K turned 16, we saw Miss S loose both of her 2 front teeth and Miss L get more and more sassy as usual. We also mourned the loss of our "Papaw Tom" (my daddy) as he lost his long battle with cancer. Being a homeschooling family made it all the more easy to spend his last days at his bedside and let the kids say their goodbyes and "I love you's". Our family has only grown and came closer together since we started homeschooling, I don't think that we would ever be able to do it any other way.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beautiful day for memories

April 9th we traveled to South Carolina to the Medical School of USC for the annual memorial service for those families that chose to donate their loved ones body to science. This was my father's choice to help others and let his legacy live on thru the hands of a doctor that might just be the one to help find a cure for cancer or just treat patients that have cancer with extra care. The "gift of body" program at the USC medical school was such a blessing to our family, they took care of everything the night my father passed on to his next destination, at the foot of Jesus. My mother did not have any expense to worry about, they even sent all the family a thank you card for our "gift".
Here are a few pictures of the Memorial garden that is on the campus of USC in Columbia S.C. and a few of the kiddos.

Below is the long hallway that the students travel going to class's, we walked these hall's from the memorial service in the chapel to the garden's where they had a reception for the families and we were able to go see the memorial garden. The wall in the garden contains the remains that have been cremated after they are done with all medical studies. Each medical school class is represented on this wall, and a book is there with the listing of your family member and the year in it. You will notice "Thomas G Conway Sr" is listed for the year 2009.
The young man in the picture below was actually one of my dad's first "Awana" kids at church, he is now a medical student at USC and part of the "gross anatomy" class that might have worked with my dad's body.
My mom (on the left) and our family friend Ms Rachel had a wonderful talk with him at the reception.


A happy note at the end of the day :) 
Thank you for letting me share, it was a tough day for all of us, my family all came and it was even my middle brother's birthday ;( My dad would have been proud.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Smile!! you are on camera....again :)

A handsome smile!
A missing my front tooth smile!
Puppy dog birthday smile!
All different, but so much the same grinning kiddos

And one "getting her groove on St patty's day grandma smile!
Love it!

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