Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snowfun January 2010

A little digi scrap of our fun day outside
Spoiled rotten piggies, the bottom step was hidden beneath the snow
Got to feed to birdies and the squirrels some food
Goofy goober did not want her picture taken
This pink diva was throwing snowballs at me :)
On January 29, 2010 it began to snow, by morning we had a thick blanket of white stuff
all over our yard, totally 11 inches in some spots. What a mess, I am so ready for spring, but these girls have had a blast outside everyday playing in the snow.
The weatherman is even calling for more ice and rain tonight, yuck. This busy mom has to work the next 2 days and drive in it. More pictures to come soon.

Snowed in~~~~ Leslie

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