Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We Got Rid Of Our Cable/Satilite TV For Good, You Can Too #cutthecord #nomorecable

Cutting the cord! It feels so nice to be free of a monthly cable bill now...how did we do it......well I am gonna tell you. It was very easy to do!
We had cable TV for years, then switched to a satellite TV provider for a few years, then tired from paying out the wazoo for nothing we made the break free! Woot...... so glad we did!
After doing a little bit of research, my hubby and I bought an HD antenna that allows us to get around 20-25 channels free, yes free!
We have a regular HDTV, so we had to purchase a indoor antenna like this one. 

The antenna was very easy to hook up, directions where included. Ours reaches up to 50-60 miles and we can pick up all the local stations.You do have to have an antenna for each TV, or at least we did.

We also purchased a "Roku" stick for one TV so we can stream movies, YouTube + services like Hulu and Netflix too.  There are several options for a streaming service: Apple TV, Amazon fire stick, Roku and others.
One of our TV's is connected to our Xbox One and thus can stream services already. 

Set yourselves free now from paying those high cable bills, high satellite TV bills and save your money for other things. You will have to purchase a couple of things but it is totally worth the price of not having a monthly bill anymore.

Now when we are wandering thru Walmart or Best Buy and the little dish TV salesman asks me "how much are you paying for TV ma'am? I promptly tell him "Zero" , can you beat that price dude?? No, I didn't  think so...it feels so good! The look on his face is priceless as I walk away......

Good luck with your new found freedom!

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