Tuesday, October 25, 2016

We Got Rid Of Our Cable/Satilite TV For Good, You Can Too #cutthecord #nomorecable

Cutting the cord! It feels so nice to be free of a monthly cable bill now...how did we do it......well I am gonna tell you. It was very easy to do!
We had cable TV for years, then switched to a satellite TV provider for a few years, then tired from paying out the wazoo for nothing we made the break free! Woot...... so glad we did!
After doing a little bit of research, my hubby and I bought an HD antenna that allows us to get around 20-25 channels free, yes free!
We have a regular HDTV, so we had to purchase a indoor antenna like this one. 

The antenna was very easy to hook up, directions where included. Ours reaches up to 50-60 miles and we can pick up all the local stations.You do have to have an antenna for each TV, or at least we did.

We also purchased a "Roku" stick for one TV so we can stream movies, YouTube + services like Hulu and Netflix too.  There are several options for a streaming service: Apple TV, Amazon fire stick, Roku and others.
One of our TV's is connected to our Xbox One and thus can stream services already. 

Set yourselves free now from paying those high cable bills, high satellite TV bills and save your money for other things. You will have to purchase a couple of things but it is totally worth the price of not having a monthly bill anymore.

Now when we are wandering thru Walmart or Best Buy and the little dish TV salesman asks me "how much are you paying for TV ma'am? I promptly tell him "Zero" , can you beat that price dude?? No, I didn't  think so...it feels so good! The look on his face is priceless as I walk away......

Good luck with your new found freedom!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

What If Everybody Had Solar Panels? We Could Power The World!

Imagine a world where we could save money and help our environment all at the same time.
Solar power could just be the solution to our world's rising energy costs and needs.

This infographic ,provided by our friends at Ctec solar shows just how to power the world with solar.

Do you have solar panels? We have looked into getting them at our house. There are several solar farms near our house that are run by the power company.

Have you ever thought about how much energy you could save?

Leave your thoughts and experiences with solar power in the comments, we would love to hear from you.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Your Tax Refund: How Will You Spend It [infographic]

Are you one of those lucky people that almost always gets  a tax refund? It's exciting to think about how you are going to spend it.                                               You feel like a kid in a candy store the day your tax refund check comes in the mail or shows up in your back account, at least I know I do. What plans for that money have you already been thinking about, what dreams you have slept on for weeks?
In your head the possibilities are endless for spending money, but then reality sets in (or your spouse chimes in) and you realize that any influx of money to your budget whether large or small, might need to be spent wisely with some thought first to the budget.
There are many options to maximize your refund depending on your financial situation. Most of us don't have the luxury available to just "blow" our newly acquired funds on frivolousness, even though we so want to buy those cute shoes or take a "just me" vacation to the white sand beaches of Bora Bora (on my bucket list...lol).  

Here are 5 of my top common sense tax refund spending tips
  1. Put it in savings ( a higher rate of interest savings account if possible) and create an rainy day or emergency fund just as the infographic below describes.
  2. Pay on all of your credit cards, pay them off if you can.
  3. Refinance your home while mortgage rates are lower, having a lower payment makes much more sense. If you can refinance right now, try to pay some on the principle, extra payments will help in the long run.
  4. Add some of that money to your retirement fund, it will be here before you know it (depressing isn't it, lets go to Bora Bora now)
  5. Splurge just a little on yourself, just do it smartly. Take your spouse out to a nice dinner for date night, this will recharge your batteries and your marriage.
Our friends at US Tax Center have created this awesome infographic with the advice of their financial experts to help show us how we can spend our tax refunds wisely. Please feel free to comment with your ideas and suggestions on how you maximize your refund money, do you have any tips or tricks that work for your family?

"Visit the US Tax Center at irs.com and see all the wealth of information that is available on their site and some convenient options for filing taxes online.

I hope you have a blessed day and wonderful weekend!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Parenting in the Social Media Age: Don't Fall Behind!

The Social Media age is a major part of our life now and our children's lives now, usage increases among younger children every year. What can you do as a parent? Have you caught up yet? Don't fall behind mom and dad, it is your responsibility to keep your kids safe. I know it is not easy, we are struggling everyday 
with the same things you are. I am right there with you with a pre-teen and teen daughter that are glued to their iphones and laptops everyday.
The best thing you can do as a parent is keep the lines of communication open, dialogue about social media with your kids is one of the best tools you have. Keep your conversations open and very honest, let them know just how you feel (they can't read your mind, just like you can't read theirs). They need to know the consequences and real dangers that are out in our world today. Don't think that bad things only happen to other people, it can easily be you.

This info-graphic credit "Teen Safe" shows some great thoughts. 

Creating some ground rules from the beginning about how your kids will use social media, how you will monitor their computer and cell phone usage will help you tremendously later on. 
I like the statement that online lives should never take priority over real lives. Keep that in mind and have family nights often, no phones allowed, even you mom & dad. Remember kids will watch and do just what you do too (remember monkey see monkey do?)
Are you always face- deep in your smart phone? Do you post online photos, messages or tweets that are not becoming of the person you want your child to be or see?

How is your social media and phone use, what example do they have to follow. Don't be the bad monkey!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Social Media and Tech Savvy Kids: Can You Catch Up?

Now, I love the internet and my social media sites, they are not ALL bad if they are used in the right ways.
The growth of the internet has opened the world to so many opportunities for learning, education and connection. As a homeschool family we use the internet daily for learning and education, but we also know that being online can be a huge time waster if we don't watch out.
As a mom I have tried my best to keep up with the latest technology and social media sites that my children might be visiting. All three of my kids are tech savvy and have a passion for being online.
I realized that I must stay at the same level with them and educate myself about all the possible social media sites out there. This includes knowing what apps are on their phones and what sites are visited via their laptops.

How technology and socially savvy are your kids? How close do you watch their activity on social media sites? You may think you are a media smart parent, but even the smartest of parents may not know just what those kids are up too. Letting your guard down even for a little while can have dire consequences.
Long gone are the days that we worried about our kids sneaking out and meeting others down the street in the middle of the night. Today they can be talking to anyone, anywhere in the world, right in their bedroom via their cell phone. With the advancements in technology our smartphones have almost gotten too smart. Webcams, cameras, gps tracking devices and many different apps can tell a child predator exactly where your child is and just how to lure them out and away from the safety of your home.
Case in point 13 year old Nicole Lovell, a middle school student who was killed by 2 college students just recently after being lured by one of them via the social media app named "KiK". Apparently the 13 year old was social media savvy and a victim of bullying, the college student took advantage of that and used it against her for his own selflessness. Such a beautiful young life gone.....
Middle schooler "Nicole Lovell" age 13 stabbed to death

Do you regularly check your children's phones? laptops, tablets etc? why not? Do you ask them what they are doing? Do you discuss the risks of posting online photos, tweets or posts that might not be smart or might harm someone else?

Parental controls can also be a tool to use for parents, many cell phone and internet providers have this. Control when and how your kids are accessing the internet. No cell phones at bedtime, it is proven to affect their sleep. 
Educate yourself on all the latest social media sites, apps and language that is used in text messaging. You are the parent, you pay the bills remember that. 
Tomorrow we will explore more of those social media and smart phone apps that you might need to know about.....stay tuned

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Got Soup? Panera Bread Potato Soup.... So Good

Copy Cat Recipe: Panera Bread Potato Soup

This stuff is delicious! I have been looking for a good copy cat recipe and I found one to use, link below. Perfect for this weekend since we have snow and ice, it's cold and my family will appreciate a warm cup of soup with some warm bread. Try it, it will not disappoint.

Here’s the Panera Bread potato soup recipe written out:
  • cups chicken broth
  • cups peeled and cubed potatoes
  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • ½ teaspoon seasoning salt
  • ½  teaspoon of paprika
  • ¼ teaspoon white pepper
  • ¼ teaspoon ground red pepper (I leave this out, but great if you like more spicy!)

  • 1. Combine broth, potatoes, garlic, and spices.
  • 2. Boil on medium heat until potatoes are tender.
  • 3. Smash a few of the potatoes to release their starch for thickening.
    4. Reduce to low heat.
    5. Add cream cheese.
    6. Heat, stirring frequently, until cheese melts.

Read more at http://manouvellemode.com/2012/01/26/copy-cat-panera-bread-potato-soup/#iYtmmWxogMgUBrW3.99

Enjoy, stay home and stay safe this weekend

Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle: Get The Best For Your Family

Don’t you wish you had affordable short-cuts to make healthy living easier? Are you tired of trying to make a Whole Foods lifestyle work on a Trader Joe’s budget?
I get it. You want the best for your family. You want to raise healthy kids, have strong immune systems, be more fit and energetic, and be intentional about creating a natural home, but sometimes it just feels so hard.
There’s a lot to learn and the internet can be more than a little overwhelming at times.
I know what it’s like to feel that healthy living shouldn’t be this difficult, and it shouldn’t have to cost so much, either! Don’t you ever wish someone would just tell you exactly what you need to know and how to make these changes for less?
When you have the right info and tools at your fingertips, it all comes together so much more easily. You know what to cook for your family. You’re more confident in choosing natural alternatives. You can easily replace store-bought products with DIY options that really work. You feel better (and even look better, too). Healthy living becomes less stressful and more enjoyable.
That’s why Stephanie and her team have put together the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle for the fourth year in a row. Each year, they’re amazed at how many families are saying “yes!” to their health and taking them up on this super short opportunity to get a complete collection of natural-living resources for a crazy low price.
You sort of need to see it to believe it, but the package includes over 90 digital products on topics like natural remedies, essential oils, real food recipes, paleo & allergy-friendly eating, fitness & weight loss and much more. All together, it’s worth over $1900!
Plus, it comes with $225 worth of bonus products including:
  • ePantry – FREE hand soap + $8 credit on one shipment, FREE dish soap + $8 credit on the next shipment, AND 60-day VIP access with FREE shipping ($30 value)
  • Plant Therapy – Lemon, lavender and peppermint essential oil set ($22.92 value)
  • NaturOli – FREE travel essentials facial set: deep conditioning facial wash (1 oz.), new radiance facial creme (1 oz.), exfoliating walnut scrub (1 oz.) ($16.95 value)
  • Bloom Naturals – FREE SPOT treatment for acne & eczema OR a $15 gift certificate toward Bloom Naturals products ($15 value)
  • Lexie Naturals –  FREE natural care gift set: lip balm (.15 oz.), lotion tube (1 oz.) and trial-size deodorant (.35 oz.) ($15 value)
  • Perfect Supplements – $15 gift certificate toward any Perfect Brand product ($15 value)
  • Strawesome – $15 gift certificate toward the straws and accessories of your choice ($15 value)
  • TriLight Health – FREE 2-oz liquid herbal formula or $15 off larger bottles ($15 value)
  • Craftsy – 1 FREE online class ($44.99 value)
  • Once a Month Meals – $32 toward OAMM membership + a free mini menu ($35 value)
Besides being so incredibly helpful and inspiring, one of the things I like best about the bundle is the price. By offering the bundle for a short time only, they’re able to give you access to over $2000 worth of amazing products for a whopping 97% off!
Here’s how it works:
  1. Visit their website, take a quick look at all the goodness that comes in this package, then click “Get my copy now!” to go through their simple 3-step checkout process.
  2. You’ll receive an email with a login to their online access portal, where you’ll begin downloading your eBooks, signing up for your eCourses, and redeeming your free bonus products.
  3. Use their Getting Started Interactive Guides to pick the area you want to tackle first and start making healthy changes!
The most important detail, though, is that this bundle is available for just 6 days! After Monday night, September 14th, the sale ends and you’d have to buy all of these products individually.
I’d hate for you to miss out, so click HERE to learn more or buy the bundle.
It’s even backed by a full 30-day guarantee, so you can know for sure that it’s right for you.
No one should have to put off a healthier lifestyle because it costs too much or they can’t get the help they need. Our family has felt so much better by making changes to the way we eat, the products we use, and how we take care of ourselves. It’s made all the difference in the world and I want the same for you and your family.

Monday, July 6, 2015

How Do You Homeschool or Life-School with Chronic Illness In The Way? #homeschooling #lifeschool #chronicillness

So how do you homeschool your children effectively if you are depressed or chronically ill?
Maybe you have a parent that is sick or your spouse is sick?
Believe it or not those are some of the best reason's on earth to homeschool or "life-school" ,as we call it here at our house, your children.

In 2009 my father passed away from a long battle with 3 different types of cancer, first prostate, then colon, and finally the nasty liver cancer devil took hold and would not let go. I feel blessed that he was able to spend an additional 10 years with us here on earth due to the advances of modern medicine. Homeschooling enabled my 3 children to travel back and forth from NC to SC with me to stay with him anytime we wanted to, even when he was in a hospice house facility, they were right there at his side. Those years we will never get back and will cherish forever. They learned lessons that traditional schools can never teach.

Fast forward to 2013 the unthinkable begins to unfold, our beloved grandmother, my momma starts failing fast with pneumonia that ends up being " lung cancer" that has eaten thru to her ribs. She was so ill and hospitalized after falling at home unconscious due to sepsis. My youngest daughter stayed with me in SC to help care for her until she passed away the first night in hospice ( we still believe my daddy came to get her that night, they are now together in heaven).

My husband and I both have chronic illness's, my husband is now disabled and home all the time now, which has been good for our homeschool actually. He is a great help to me when my kids need some extra motivation (if you know what I mean), especially on Mondays since I work night shift on the weekends as an ER nurse and need my sleep.

The number one thing to share about homeschooling if you or your family have a chronic illness is flexibility! You have to learn how to be flexible and that it is very ok to do things your own way.
We learned a long time ago that a more eclectic style of schooling (using many different styles of homeschooling) worked great for our family, even some un-schooling at times works for us. As long as your children are learning and growing, happy and healthy what else matters.....right!

We use a variety of online sites including Time4Learning and The Khan Academy in addition to You-tube videos to learn. I like to print off worksheets if we are on the road or need some extra practice on a particular topic. You can find many free or cheaper sites to print worksheets, such as TeachersPayTeachers, Educents, ABCTeach, and Enchanted Learning. There are so many more and many are listed here on my blog if you search for my older articles.

No matter what you use, as long as your kids are learning, thriving and growing in knowledge, nothing else matters. Others will try to tell you how to school your children, but you are their parent, you know what is best for each one. Don't let others sway your decisions or sink your ship. You are fabulous and you know it!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Photography: Ultimate Impact For Your Blog or Website #ultimatebundles #photography

I’m about to tell you something that might surprise you…
You might think the photography industry is closed-off to people like you – that it’s impenetrable for anyone who’s always had a “regular” job and just taken photos as a passion or a hobby.
But let me tell you: there’s a HUGE market out there for digital photography. And what’s more, you don’t need to have been born in a darkroom to gain access to it. You need mad skills, of course. And passion – lots of passion. But contacts? Referrals? A studio? You need none of it to get started.
Every month, millions of digital photos are purchased online for use in websites, blogs, articles, marketing, materials and more. People like you are taking those photos… AND they’re getting paid for them! They’re making hundreds of dollars – and sometimes much more than that – per day.
If you truly love the idea of being a professional photographer but always believed it was out of your reach, it’s time to change those beliefs!
Not sure where to start? That’s where I come in. If you can bring the passion and photography skills, I can point you in the direction of a collection of resources that will teach you exactly how to start making money from your photos. It’s called The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle (Business Edition), and it’s been created by the fantastic team over at Ultimate Bundles. It contains all the tools and resources you’ll need to start your own photography business NOW and create income with your pictures.
Inside the bundle you’ll find a whole range of ebooks, video training and useful document templates from today’s biggest names in digital photography – containing their secrets to not only producing stunning digital shots, but also their blueprints to building a profitable, sustainable business that puts money in your pocket on a consistent basis.
Here’s a breakdown of the topics included in The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle (Business Edition):
  • Marketing (techniques, strategies, templates, and even software to help you market your services)
  • Adobe Lightroom (inspirational insights into how some of the advanced tools work)
  • Studios (information for those who want to set up their own studio)
  • Skills improvement (taking you beyond photography, with ebooks and video training on topics included videography and natural posing)
  • Templates (an assortment of Photoshop templates and storyboards)
  • Forms (business forms, policy documents, print release templates… rather boring but totally necessary – so it’s all here ready for you!)
The price? Well the combined value of everything inside the bundle is $2,036.36. If you were to buy each product separately, that’s what you’d pay.
But The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle (Business Edition) will cost you just $97! That’s because the Ultimate Bundles team have persuaded these experts to provide their products at a hugely discounted rate!
Ready for even more good news? Ryan and Steph have also thrown in some extra-special gifts worth over $400 in total:
  • $20 gift certificate toward any SpinLight 360 Package
  • $15 gift certificate to Lightscoop (for pro-like photos with your built-in flash)
  • $15 gift certificate to Porteen Gear (where you can buy custom-made, stylish and functional camera bags and gear)
  • FREE choice of a premium video photography course from Craftsy.com (up to $50 value)
  • FREE three-month subscription to the Light Inspired Women’s Photography Forum
  • FREE marketing set of your choice from the Seaside Creative collection ($75 value)
  • x4 FREE Volumes of Clarity Magazine – including video tutorials from top photography educators
  • FREE FX Photo Studio Pro PLUS Snapheal Pro AND Intensify Pro software from MacPhun which will help to give you a vast number of ultra-powerful adjustments for your photos (combined value $129.97)
There’s a catch, of course – but I think it’s a pretty reasonable one. The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle (Business Edition) is available this week only! On Monday, June 29, 2015 at Midnight, it comes off sale for good.
Click here to check out The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle (Business Edition)!
You can buy with complete confidence because you’re covered by the Ultimate Bundles 30-day money-back guarantee. That means you have a full month to try out all the ebooks and video courses in the bundle, and if you don’t think they justify the price or they weren’t what you were hoping for, you can get a full refund.
But remember: it’s on sale for this week only – until Monday, June 29, 2015 at midnight! After that, it’s gone for good!

HURRY!! Last Day is TODAY!!

Last Day! Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle : Capture Those Moments and Memories!

One of the thoughts that creeps into my mind frequently is, “Why couldn’t I capture that moment in time perfectly?” That beautiful sunset witnessed on a perfect vacation. My child’s first belly laugh. The expression of joy on my father’s face at his surprise party. I don’t want to forget any of it.
It’s SO important to savor it all… to relish those moments. But you know what’s equally important, if you ask me? To be able to look back and relish those moments all over again. A month from now. A year from now. Fifty years from now.
And that’s where photographs come in. These days, it’s so easy to get snap-happy at a moment’s notice: we just reach into our purses for our smartphones or miniscule cameras and start clicking away at anything and everything.
The problem is… it’s so easy for those photos to come out badly! You think you’ve taken a wonderful picture of your beautiful boy standing by himself for the first time, but actually you’ve managed to capture the moment when he falls down and starts wailing! You think you’ve snapped a stunning image of a horse galloping along the beach, but actually it’s just a dark blob against an overexposed background. You think you’ve achieved the perfect shot of your wonderful parents laughing together on their anniversary, but you take a look and you’ve managed to capture… a blur.
If you can relate, I have good news for you! My friends Ryan and Steph at Ultimate Bundles have put together an incredible product to help with your photography woes. It’s called The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle (Beginner’s Edition), and it contains a curated collection of ebooks and video training guides to help you become a better photographer.

All the resources have been provided by professional, world-renowned photographers who are experts in teaching others – even complete beginners. You won’t need to switch up to a more expensive camera to make full use of the bundle (even if you just use your iPhone for photographs), and you don’t need to neglect your family for weeks upon weeks of training! You can learn everything in little chunks – whenever you have a spare moment.
Click here to see the full range of ebooks and training courses included in The Ultimate Photography Bundle (Beginner’s Edition).
There’s even better news! Everything in the bundle has a combined total value of $555, but for this week only, The Ultimate Bundles Team is selling the entire bundle for just $37 – a discount of more than 90%! What’s more, they’re also throwing in a FREE copy of FX Photo Studio Pro software from MacPhun (which provides stunning filters and photography effects) worth $29.99!
Click here to buy The Ultimate Digital Photography Bundle (Beginner’s Edition) for just $37.
No blurriness, no exposure nightmares, no bad angles. Just perfect, happy memories!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Essential Recipe: Kale Chips

Don't knock them until you try them, they are incredibly yummy, and healthy for your family.
We snack all the time at home since we are doing school at home, its so easy to fall into bad habits, so I have been searching for healthier options for my kids snack habits (and my own).
These chips will disappear as soon as you get them out of the oven. Try this recipe for original flavored kale chips or spice them up with other herbs and essential oils for more options. Try garlic powder, Parmesan cheese, and Lemon essential oil for an Italian twist, or cumin and Cilantro essential oil for Mexican-style chips. The options are endless!

What You Need:

1 large bunch kale, washed and torn into bite-size pieces
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 drops Lemon essential oil (add others that you like)
Salt & Pepper


1. Preheat oven to 2oo degrees.
2. Wash and dry kale thoroughly.
3. Combine olive oil and Lemon essential oil in a large mixing bowl.
4. Put kale in a large mixing bowl and toss in oils.
5. Make sure all of the kale is well coated with oils by massaging each piece. Once coated, place on a baking sheet in a single layer. 
6. Salt and Pepper as desired
7. Bake on the center rack for 45-50 minutes (or until nice and crispy). 

Keep an eye on the smaller pieces and take them out if they are done earlier, otherwise they will burn. 

  Place in a bowl or basket and watch your family gobble them up.

So what is all the good stuff in Lemon Oil.......its an amazing oil, that's what! Smells so good, I use it myself for a daily pick me up, put it in my water to detox and give me energy, rub it on my neck to soothe my sore neck muscles after a long weekend at work. Lemon Oil has so many uses it is great to keep in your Dr mom box.

Get your Lemon Oil HERE 

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. dōTERRA products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Pregnant or lactating women and persons with known medical conditions should consult a physician prior to the use of any dōTERRA product. - See more at: http://doterrablog.com/essential-recipe-kale-chips/#sthash.VBvSONzi.dpuf

Contains links to my Doterra Essential Oils site- see my disclosure page for more information about links and affiliate info.

Have a blessed day! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Do It Yourself Pest Control Naturally #DIY #essentialoils #naturalliving

Nobody likes a pest in the house, the little creepy crawly boogers can overrun your household before you know it. There are many home remedies that you can use very simply to rid your home of pests. Keeping it simple is always better, safer than harsh chemicals.

This awesome infographic by PartSelect.com  shows how to start your DIY pest control at home. 

Starting at the source -

  • Wipe down counters with vinegar and water
  • Fix leaky faucets- insects are attracted to the water
  • Transfer dry goods (cereals, flour, rice etc) to sealed containers or jars
  • Rinse your recycles- jars, cans etc 
  • Use a trash can with a lid (I spray some essential oils in mine to deter pests and help with odor)
  • Make sure your drains are clean from leftovers- pour baking soda and vinegar down the drain (cool homeschool science project) and then after 5 min. rinse with boiling hot water to clean. 
  • Removing excess food particles and sources of food for the pests can send them packing in search for other food.
DIY Home remedies for pests
  • To eliminate ant traffic, sprinkle coffee grounds around windows and doors
  • For Ants mix 1 cup of Borax with 1 cup of sugar. Pour mix into small jars, poke holes in the jar lids. The sweet smell of the sugar will lure in the ants and dead they will be.
  • Spiders can be kept at bay by combining equal parts vinegar and water, then spraying the mixture over the places the spiders are entering. Peppermint oil works well too. 
  • Fight fruit flies with apple cider vinegar! The sweet smell of the vinegar will attract the flies. Place a couple tablespoons of vinegar in a cup, cover the top with plastic wrap and poke holes in the plastic.
  • Repel cockroaches with beer- pour into saucers and place on floor or in cabinets etc.
  • DIY cleaning all purpose cleaning, mix plain castile soap with a few drops each of peppermint and lemon essential oils, add water. Put in a spray bottle and use anywhere you need a clean fresh scent with great cleaning properties. 
  • Keep bugs out with Essential Oils, check out the infographic for all the great uses of oils and which ones to use. 

Keeping bugs from biting you and the kids:

  • Whip up your own insect repellent with essential oils of rosemary, clove, eucalyptus, cinnamon, lavender, and mint. Add witch hazel and water, mix together in a spray bottle. Great smelling and bugs don't like it. 
  • Try TerraShield- repellent blend by Doterra ( my favorite blend for working in my yard) 
Before reaching for the toxic cleaning and bug repellent chemicals, try to make something more health, family and earth friendly. Keep it simple, it works so much better. Mother nature has some  great ideas you know....

Until next time, God bless you and your home

Interested in more about Essential oils and saving at least 25% when you order your own, email me leslieblockrn@gmail.com for a free sample and more information. Visit my website HERE to order and start living a much healthier lifestyle.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Jewels In My Mother's Crown #HappyMothersDay #AngelMother

Mother's Day is for me bittersweet as I lost my mother to lung cancer in February of 2014. My wounds are still raw and sore internally, as I continue thru the grieving process. Knowing that she is in heaven with my dad is such comfort to me and this poem I found tonight online was so touching to me. I wanted to share with others that might be grieving the loss of a loved one on the Mother's Day 2015 too.

A Mother’s Crown

Heaven lit up with a mighty presence,
as the Angels all looked down.
Today the Lord was placing the jewels
Into my mother’s crown.
He held up a golden crown,
as my darling mother looked on.
He said in His gentle voice,
‘I will now explain each one.’
‘The first gem,’ He said, ‘is a Ruby,
and it’s for endurance alone,
for all the nights you waited up
for your children to come home.’
‘For all the nights by their bedside,
you stayed till the fever went down.
For nursing every little wound,
I add this ruby to your crown.’
‘An emerald, I’ll place by the ruby,
for leading your child in the right way.
For teaching them the lessons,
That made them who they are today.’
‘For always being right there,
through all life’s important events.
I give you a sapphire stone,
for the time and love you spent.’
‘For untying the strings that held them,
when they grew up and left home.
I give you this one for courage.’
Then the Lord added a garnet stone.
‘I’ll place a stone of amethyst,’ He said.
‘For all the times you spent on your knees,
when you asked if I’d take care of your children,
and then for having faith in Me.’
‘I have a pearl for every little sacrifice
that you made without them knowing.
For all the times you went without,
to keep them happy, healthy and growing.’
‘And last of all I have a diamond,
the greatest one of all,
for sharing unconditional love
whether they were big or small.’
‘It was your love that helped them grow
Feeling safe and happy and proud
A love so strong and pure
It could shift the darkest cloud.’
After the Lord placed the last jewel in,
He said, ‘Your crown is now complete,
You've earned your place in Heaven
With your children at your feet.’
~~Unknown author
God can turn burden's into blessings, let him turn your life around today! 
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