Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dough,Flubber,Gak Mommy DIY

 How to Make your own Doughs, Flubbers, Glurch and Other Homemade Concoctions Art Supplies at home

Terrific list of resources I found via Pinterest from this website today: 

Basic Playdough - Homemade by Jill for on Skip To My Lou
Uncooked Playdough - Karol's Kitchen
Gluten-Free Playdough - Celiac Sprue Association
Kool-Aid Playdough - Chocolate On My Cranium
Edible Chocolate Play Dough - Instructables User Its Your Dime
Edible Peanut Butter Play Dough - Instructables User Its Your Dime
Scented Playdough - Minieco

Watercolor Paint - Lilac Silhouette
Puff Paint - One Crafty Mumma
Milk Paint - Pantry Spa
Finger Paint - Creative Kids At Home

*note: some of these names are used interchangeably and without consensus so one man's glurch is another man's gak!
Flubber/Silly Putty - Pepper Paints
"Clean" Slime/Oobleck - Ohdeedoh (sometimes referred to as oobleck after the Dr. Seuss book Bartholomew and the Oobleck.
Gak - Polliwog's Cakewalk (sometimes spelled "gack")
Silly Putty/Glurch - Toms River Mom
Glurch - My Little Gems (another version)
Beeswax Crayons - Wee Folk Art
Soy Wax Crayons - Wee Folk Art
Crayon Nibbles - My Magic Mom

Sidewalk Chalk - Tiffany Teske for Craftbits (find Tiffany at Art, Food and Motherhood)
Egg Shaped Sidewalk Chalk - Skip To My Lou (slightly different recipe) I also found some great blogs and websites that list multiple recipes for homemade art supplies all in one place:
Artists Helping Children - roster of recipes including facepaint, clay, and glue.
Fresno Family - over a dozen different dough recipes.
Play Dough Recipe.org - all dough all the time.
Kid Activities.net - all kinds of doughs here and other recipes here.
My Mommy Makes It and here - crayons, dough, fingerpaint, gack, and more.
Better Budgeting - 20 recipes for homemade art supplies.
• Creative Kids at Home
Blue Bonnet Village - doughs, clays and over six kinds of paints.
Kinder Art - comprehensive list of recipes.

Have fun!

(Images: 1. Flickr member FrankenberrysKiss licensed for use under Creative Commons 2. Heather Hackett/Lilac Silhouette 3. Sarah Rae Trover/Ohdeedoh 4. Tiffany Teske)

The next rainy day you have no excuse for the kiddos saying "I'm bored" make some Gak and have a blast.   

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  1. Since you are using my play dough imagè without my permission, and not even linking to my blog post where the image was used, can you at least give me credit?
    Gina Guillotine, A Soapbox with a View.

    1. Gina these images were found via Creative Commons free images, so sorry if one of these was yours, I try my best not to share without permission or use stock images, or my own. I will be glad to add your link if you provide me the link


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