Saturday, October 1, 2011

Field Trip~~ whoo hoo!

Who does not love the word field trip!! I know a homeschool mommy does, that sometimes means a break or another chance for teaching (which is what I love). My kids think field trip means "no work"" "fun and frolic" "play" , well ....... we do those things, but never miss an opportunity to learn something new or possibly relearn things that might have been forgotten, even by mom and dad.
Our trip this time to the Catawba Science Center, right here in our own county, was a day filled with lots of fun things to do. We also visited the Hickory Art Museum, in the same building, one of our favorite spots to visit because it is always a changing canvas of modern art, history, sculpture and imagination. I know that momma could stay in that gallery all day long and bask in the quietness and soak up the history of all that artwork. As usual ,momma is out numbered by her peeps and has to keep moving along back to the Science Center.
Enjoy some of the photos we took that day:  A little physics, some geometry, chemistry, zoology, botany, history and more all while having fun!

 The Many face of our crazy Mommy~ A Lego/K'nex lesson

 Leave me alone momma, but note the grin...lol, never to big to get some sugar from your momma, what happened to my little boy?
 My girlies and some flash black-light photography, another lesson.

My payback, Mr B got me, in the ear......yuck--- slimed, lesson learned by momma.
Have a blessed day!! 

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