Friday, October 7, 2011

Comparing notes on October 5th~ Tom Conway & Steve Jobs

Saddened by the news that a great man had passed away the very same date that my own father passed away October 5th, just goes to show that great minds do think alike and all things may happen for a reason. I bet my father and Steve Jobs are having an interesting conversation right now in heaven, comparing notes, talking over past elements in each others lives and oh yes, talking about cancer, the common bond they both shared. But no more tears at least for now there is no pain. I miss my father greatly but rejoice in the fact that a new body awaited him in heaven and a great new world opened up for him at the foot of his Jesus.

Steve Jobs was a man that I saw in my father, so smart and so strong, full of life and knowledge spilling out from a cup overflowing. My father chose some different paths in life, was never the CEO of a huge company or a multi-millionaire, but in a sense he was all that. With the love of his family and passion for serving/helping others he was a CEO in my mind with a multimillion dollar heart.They both had similar childhood's, born to unwed young mothers who did not want them, or could not keep them.
Both dropped out of college at one time or another, but continued on.
All the money and prestige in the world just does not matter when that nasty word "cancer" decides to enter your life, now Steve Jobs and Tom Conway are on equal ground hopefully both in heaven, comparing notes.

I have always been touched by this speech and wanted to share it , a great thing for your children to share with you as a parent...hint hint.

via NPR "The death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, has renewed interest in the commencement address he gave at Stanford University in 2005, which drew considerable attention for its content and because Jobs so rarely spoke in public about himself.

As Bob Boilen writes over at the All Songs Considered blog: "He tells three very candid, uncharacteristically Steve Jobs stories about life, love and death from a guy who's biological mother wasn't able to parent him, was booted from the company he created and battles cancer. Anyone stuck in a miserable job — or anyone trying to figure out what to do with their life — should watch this. He's an inspiring fellow human." Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford commencement address

Stay Hungry ~~ Stay Foolish great words to live by!

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