Sunday, October 16, 2011

You are Never To Old .... Dream

This quote was to perfect for my life right now, setting new goals, starting over, I left a job of over 20 or so years to set out on uncharted territory miles away so I could be home during the week to homeschool and take care of my family as I should be doing.Working just weekends now allows me the freedom to be home all week long. I left to also get away from the childess behavior that I was beginning to think was a normal way to behave as an ED nurse. I have discovered that you can work with professional, mature, caring and excellent coworkers, not kindergarteners. I entered another realm of work environment and actually enjoying  my job, imagine that.The system I know work for actually wants employees to be happy, what a novel idea, happy nurses take care of patients with a big smile on their face and customer service soars high, 5 stars high!!
So stay tuned for more in the saga of a much happier momma...lol

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