Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lucy our newest joy ~

A very small creature was all it took for our household to be turned upside down, our big strong teenager brought home this wee little kitten that he rescued so it would not get run over near a very busy road. "Lucy" as he named her, has captured the hearts of everyone here, except for our oldest cat (who growls at her always) and the dogs can't really figure her out yet,Buttons mostly barks at her all the time. She leaps like a rabbit with her little stubby tail (not sure why she has no tail, just a little stubble) that she loves to wag or wiggle back are forth as she runs sideways down our hallway. Today she discovered the bathtub and the top to a shampoo bottle, what fun she had for at least an hour.She was also fascinated with the TV and Xbox Live, all the guns and moving soldiers on the big screen got her into climbing trouble.She has single handed, or pawed, taken out my recycled newspaper pile on the sun-porch and has it all over the floor now. She loves to get in my hair or sleep on my neck if I am on the couch working on my laptop, I guess I am warm and fluffy. Having a kitten is just like having another toddler, same mess, same excitement.
Meet Miss Lucy~~

Please consider adopting your pets or rescue pets that all need homes and spay and neuter to help prevent unwanted and abused animals all over the world. Be a responsible pet owner!! 

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