Friday, February 20, 2009

iKeepSafe Pretty cool I thought

I came across some websites for Internet safety and wanted to share:






there are so many sites that are dedicated to keeping kids

safe online, just do a search yourself. You can never be to

safe with your kids all over the Internet these days.

I have a teen that lives online and the 2 younger ones

want to follow also. Of course "monkey see monkey do"

since Mommy lives here in cyberspace.

Leslie~~~~aka "Monkey do mom" today

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"No!! Mommy is not an Octopus!!"

Yes, most days this is me!! Mommy with 8 arms floating
in a big ocean of waves that are about to crash on me.
I feel privileged to have my article posted on
Please check it out at the link above.
How many other moms feel this way on a a daily basis?
We all try to keep the peace and attempt to make
everyone happy. But sometimes we need to step back
and look at the big picture and take care of ourselves.
Not an easy thing for me to say or do, I seem to go
24/7 like the "Energizer bunny" . Think about what
God really wants you to be doing and ask him for
his guidance each day, I bet he will tell you if you just
ask and then stop to listen. He is always there and loves
those times he has you all to himself for a little "me"
and my "God" time ;)
When I take time for me and ask for guidance my day
goes so much smoother and I am able to then focus
on the tasks at hand and encourage others.


Backpacks for the Homeless project

The month of January 2009 as a homeschool mission project

in conjunction with CentralFoothillsMommies.com,

we collected items to fill up backpacks for the homeless

in Catawba county. Our children and mommies were

able to fill 4 backpacks to the brim with can goods/

water/tarps/socks/gloves/hats/wool blankets/

sweatpants and sweat shirts. I delivered these

backpacks on a cold and wet day to the Catawba

Mental Health partners office. It really gave me

a tiny insight to what it might be like to outside

on such a cold day and carry around a heavy

backpack that might just be the only possessions

a homeless person has to their name. I am

humbled to think that being homeless to any

of us is just a paycheck away at times. On January

28th 2009 the Mental Health Partners along with

other agencies in the county put together 4 different

stations in the county to get an accurate count of just

how many homeless people we have here. They also

offered free health screenings, information and bp

checks for these people in addition to giving them a

backpack for no cost. The estimate was 250 people

that live here in Catawba county that are homeless.

That number is expected to rise due the

unemployment rates and the economy. The kids

learned a valuable lesson about giving back and

what the word "homeless"actually means.


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