Friday, October 24, 2014

31 Days of Halloween To Do List For Your Family #fun #homeschool #family

October is such a fun month, the weather is cooler, the leaves are changing, the colors are painted across the sky in a fabulous canvas of jewel toned hues by our Creator himself. I love October, especially since I was born in the month of October (just a little bias) and my youngest blessing of a daughter was also born this month.
Halloween also closes out our month with fun and festivities, whether you celebrate a "Fall or Autumn" harvest type of holiday or go all out with the scary, ghosts and goblins theme. We just go with the flow here at our house and celebrate the season with what God has blessed us with all year long. Some years I have done a Harvest non-secular type of theme and some years I have gone all out spooky, witches and booger theme. I have just always taught our children the history of the holiday and let them enjoy the festivities of the day. There is no right or wrong here, whatever your family believes is right for your family and it is not my place to judge, there are many ways to celebrate.

Here is a really cute 31 days of Halloween (I know we are way into October but we can save for next year too)

To print this list Go HERE http://kraftycardsetc.com/2013/09/31-days-of-halloween-printable/

A Pretty Long List #goodstuff #lovelists

~~I Love Lists ~~

Now I can tell you that I have used many of these websites and they are fantastic, but it is just a list, make sure you check them out yourself. I can not tell you that I have been to all of them and they are all ok, so just be careful to be safe. I am a lover of lists, especially lists of websites that make my life easier or my homeschool run smoother, how about you? I am selfishly saving this here for myself if the truth be known.....lol , I want to check out more of those links.
If you find one website that is particularly helpful, share it with me in the comments, I love hearing from my readers!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Resources and Help #domesticviolence #awareness

Do you know someone that is in an abusive relationship right now, or is that person You!  Here are some resources that can help. Please report abuse, who else will speak up for her?

Domestic Violence Resources For Women: 

National Domestic Violence Hotline:Toll Free: (800) 799-SAFE (7233)
Toll Free: (800) 787-3224 (TTY)
National Network to End Domestic ViolencePhone: (202) 543-5566
American Psychiatric Association (APA)Toll Free: (888) 35-PSYCH (77924)
Phone: (703) 907-7300
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Phone: (303) 839-1852
Phone: (202) 745-1211 ext. 143
The National Center for Victims of CrimePhone: (202) 467-8700
Futures without Violence
Phone: (415) 678-5500
National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
Toll Free: (800) 537-2238
The Battered Women’s Justice Project
Toll Free: (800) 903-0111 ext. 1
Phone: (612) 824-8768
National Battered Women’s Law Project 
Phone: (212) 741-9480
WomensHealth.govToll Free: (800) 994-9662
National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental HealthPhone: (312) 726-7020
National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
Toll Free: (866) 331-9474
Safe Place
Phone: (512) 267-SAFE (7233)
Break the CyclePhone: (310) 286-3383
Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)Toll Free: (800) 656-HOPE (4673)
Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence
Toll Free: (800) 313-1310
A Women’s Guide to Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
Toll Free: (800) 993-3869

Teen Domestic Violence Resources 
National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
Toll Free: (866) 331-9474
Break the Cycle
Toll Free: (888) 988-TEEN
Love is Not Abusewww.loveisnotabuse.com
Teen Outreach ProgramToll Free: (800) 300-1080
Maryland’s Peoples Law Library
Safe YouthToll Free: (866) 723-3968

Another page with some great resources : Here 

Warning Signs if you think you or a loved one is in an unhealthy relationship 

Please, Please seek help before you are just a statistic on a page

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