Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Imagine the World if Everyone Sent out Love!

From the words of a very special lady Heather Fortune, Founder of the non-profit organization The Mommies Network
What does it mean to support someone?

It means that you assume benign intent. It means that you take them for face value and don't judge them. It means you put yourself in their shoes and see the world from their perspective, just long enough to empathize with them and understand their situation.

And then you love them. A lot. Maybe they are a stranger. Maybe you will never meet them in person. Maybe they will end up being your best friend. It doesn't matter. Because they are a fellow human being. And they are walking this same walk through life as you are, even though their path may branch in different ways. And doesn't that alone connect us all?

Imagine the world if everyone sent out love, instead of hate. If we all tried to see the good in each other instead of instantly looking for the bad? And if we could look past the differences and see what we share in common.

I'm proud that I am able to support amazing wonderful mommies every single day. I can't think of a better way to spend my life than this........
Can you image a world without so much hate and more beauty, slow down this week and notice the beautiful people in your world!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Mondays in the Parallel Universe still Suck!!

This pretty much sums up my Monday's perfectly, since I work every weekend Saturday and Sunday at a fast pace, by the time I get home on Sunday nights, this chick is worn slap out, tired and head bobbing as she sits on the couch trying to catch up work that I might have missed. Savage Chickens is prefect to depict my mood right now at 2:22 am........Zzzzzzz, image a mommy head bobbing back and forth now, a mommy head who needs to close the computer and get her butt in bed.

I do hope to turn my Monday around into a more positive light that will shine for others, especially my children today.

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Work of the heart is always "paid in full"

Somethings in life are close to your heart, and my work with the non-profit group The Mommies Network is one of those things. I have met some amazing women that I am honored to call friends thru this network. Even though what I do for this non-profit involves long hours, selflessness and of course no monetary pay, I continue to work late into the night at my "no pay job" so my spouse calls it. But is it a "no pay" job?
Not in the least! I am rewarded daily with the knowledge that I have help another mother some how thru a rough time in her life, maybe she is an new mom, new to breast feeding, new to homeschooling, suffering from post postpartum depression or many other possible problems that need encouragement, that I can actually offer support because I have been there at some time in my life also.
Maybe I just made another mom laugh with a blog post, or funny comment posted in a forum or fb page. At the end of my crazy busy day, I go to bed knowing that I have been paid in full.

Please take the time to help support my work and vote for The Mommies Network in the following contest:
The Mommies Network is a finalist non-profit in Eleventy Group's 4Good contest. With a simple click to vote and another to share, you can help boost TMN's fundraising power. Better fundraising means technology upgrades, an expanding network, and more time for our volunteers to focus on what they do best: make mom-to-mom connections everyday.

Join us and vote here https://www.facebook.com/questions/280273618735527/

Share this event with ALL your facebook friends and on your chapters, please spread the word that will help us spread our wings. Voting costs nothing but a minute of your time.

Help us Soar Higher and do more 4Good for you! Vote now! and tell every you know!

From this Mom I thank you for support myself!! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Naked Trees~~ don't look Ethel!

Naked you say, yep, naked! Once full and voluptuous, overhanging grand branches of green leaves swaying in the southern breezes, now ............naked stark branches reach for the sky, screaming..........Don't look Ethel !

 This was the day..........the tree trimmers came to our house, after many
years of growth and more overgrowth, the enormous pin-oak trees
in our front yard needed a "hair-cut" if you will, and the larger than life, struck by lightening several times, walnut tree in the back yard just had to come down.
The fierce storms, winds and bitter cold winters we have had over many
years had left that poor walnut tree worn and broken. It's large limbs kept
crashing onto the house and would soon enough rip a hole thru the roof, into
our two daughter's shared room. 

But Hope does spring eternal and these trees will sprout new leaves again,
2 families got several loads of fire wood free for the winter
and I got a huge pile of mulch for the spring garden season.
My kiddos had fun counting the rings on those trees and climbing the big logs.

Silly girls had some fun~ that was the tree that almost fell right into
their bedroom after lightning hit it and several windy days

We had a log with pants(or shorts), sorta funny looking thing, with a
"big butt" my youngest said.

 And our surprise log~~

Call it what you will (we thought of a few)
Yin and Yang
Love and Laughter
2 hearts intertwined
tree amoebas
alien eyeballs stuck in a tree forever
Lightning strikes
Evil Twins
A pregnant tree (with alien babies of course)

What do you think?


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