Sunday, May 20, 2012

Work of the heart is always "paid in full"

Somethings in life are close to your heart, and my work with the non-profit group The Mommies Network is one of those things. I have met some amazing women that I am honored to call friends thru this network. Even though what I do for this non-profit involves long hours, selflessness and of course no monetary pay, I continue to work late into the night at my "no pay job" so my spouse calls it. But is it a "no pay" job?
Not in the least! I am rewarded daily with the knowledge that I have help another mother some how thru a rough time in her life, maybe she is an new mom, new to breast feeding, new to homeschooling, suffering from post postpartum depression or many other possible problems that need encouragement, that I can actually offer support because I have been there at some time in my life also.
Maybe I just made another mom laugh with a blog post, or funny comment posted in a forum or fb page. At the end of my crazy busy day, I go to bed knowing that I have been paid in full.

Please take the time to help support my work and vote for The Mommies Network in the following contest:
The Mommies Network is a finalist non-profit in Eleventy Group's 4Good contest. With a simple click to vote and another to share, you can help boost TMN's fundraising power. Better fundraising means technology upgrades, an expanding network, and more time for our volunteers to focus on what they do best: make mom-to-mom connections everyday.

Join us and vote here https://www.facebook.com/questions/280273618735527/

Share this event with ALL your facebook friends and on your chapters, please spread the word that will help us spread our wings. Voting costs nothing but a minute of your time.

Help us Soar Higher and do more 4Good for you! Vote now! and tell every you know!

From this Mom I thank you for support myself!! 

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