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101 Websites Every Elementary Parent and Homeschool Family Should Know About!

No matter if you are the parent of an elementary aged student, a teacher of elementary aged children or a homeschool mom like myself, you will love this totally AWESOME list!! 
How many times have you sat for hours upon hours looking online for that resource that fits the need you have for your lesson plan? Search no more! This list has been compiled just for you, so you can spend more precious time teaching those blessings at home or at school! 
I have used many of these sites and they are very good! 
Credit for the list goes out to http://www.goedonline.com/101-websites-for-elementary-teachers , Stop by and check out their website, leave a comment to tell them thank you!
Now Enjoy!! 

1. GoEd Online Elementary
GoEd Online is more than just a blog—it’s a one-stop shop for teaching materials! There are over 3,000 downloadable eBooks and games for elementary teachers, including resources for early childhood, English (ELA), math, science and social studies.
Click here to check out our elementary materials.

2. FunBrain
FunBrain has over 100 fun, interactive games that develop skills in math, reading and literacy. Plus, kids can read a variety of popular books and comics on the site, including Diary of a Wimpy KidAmelia Writes Again, and Brewster Rocket.

3. e-Learning for Kids
At e-Learning for Kids, you can search through educational games by grade level or subject. There are materials for grades 1-6 in math, science and language arts.

4. Turtle Diary
Over 1,000 educational activities, games, animated lessons, printable worksheets, interactive storybooks and more.

5. FueltheBrain
Have your elementary students practice their math, science and language arts skills with games and interactive activities from FueltheBrain!

6. Free Rice
This website allows your students to review English vocabulary and grammar at varying levels of difficulty. For each correct answer, the website will donate one grain of rice. Have your students play Free Rice when they finish early and keep track of how much rice your students have contributed to combat hunger.

7. Mr. Nussbaum
Mr. Nussbaum is a website with tons of interactive games and activities for math, language arts, history, geography, science and more.

8. SmartyGames
Free games for learning how to use money, tell time, count and read. Also, you’ll find mazes, memory games, puzzles, Sudoku and more!

9. Ask Kids
The Ask Jeeves search engine for kids.

10. KidsClick!
KidsClick! is a web search site designed for kids by librarians -- with kid-friendly results!

11.Librarians’ Internet Databse
Find websites you and your students can trust in this directory that has been compiled by librarians.
12. YouTube
With millions of YouTube videos, there’s bound to be something that’s relatable to your lesson. There are step-by-step tutorials, news clips, editorials, short documentaries and more. Recently, YouTube launched an education-specific version of the website called YouTube for Teachers.

13. TeacherTube
TeacherTube is exactly what it sounds like—YouTube for teachers (not to be confused with the Youtube-specific version above!). The design of the website is getting a little outdated (it’s reminiscent of past versions of YouTube), but there are many educational videos to choose from.

14. Appolicious
The education section of Appolicious is a listing of thousands of educational applications with descriptions and reviews. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for something new, or just to check something out before you buy it.

15. IMDb
Use IMDb, the internet movie database, to see if there are any movies that are relevant to the topic you’re teaching. If you find one, you can also check the rating to make sure it’s appropriate for your classroom, and read reviews to see what others have thought (and to see if it's historically or scientifically accurate!).

16. Pinterest
A colleague and fellow GoEd Online blogger (can you guess who?) got me hooked on using Pinterest! There’s no end to the great elementary teaching resources you can find on there. Educators from all over the world have created boards that are PACKED full of great stuff.
If you want to check out what we’ve found on Pinterest, follow us.
17. Learnist
This social network is kind of like Pinterest for people who want to learn about different things. Users create and share collections of knowledge. It is still in its beta phase and requires an invite to get full access, but it’s very cool already! The “education” topic is full of great posts about using tech in the classroom, industry trends and shared resources.

18. Seussville
Because everyone loves Dr. Seuss… This website is full of interactive whiteboard-friendly games, activities, printables and ideas for lesson plans focusing on the subjects made interesting and accessible (and discussible!) by Dr. Suess' stories.

19. Sesame Street
Sesame Street has a variety of activities that help students work on basic skills like counting, forming sentences, recognizing different shapes and objects, etc.

20. TheColor
TheColor is home to hundreds of free online coloring pages that don’t even have to be printed. Everything is interactive and done online! Your pages can be saved to your gallery and shared with your students’ families. This is a great activity for students who finish early.

21. FunFonix
FunFonix (it's the pronunciation that counts!) has a variety of early elementary phonics worksheets and online phonics games. Their worksheets are completely customizable!

22. Phonics Student Online Components
Sadlier Phonics has a number of grade-appropriate online games and activities for students PreK-6.

23. Alphabet Zoo
An entertaining interactive game for early elementary students who are learning how to match their upper and lowercase letters.


Starfall (Recommended by Kirsten)
This website is a free resource for young students to practice letters and sounds! Its phonics-based approach is perfect for PreK, kindergarten, first grade and second grade.
24. Grammar Ninja Game
This fun game helps your students learn the different parts of speech! There are three levels of difficulty that can be assigned to your students.

25. Scholastic Graphic Organizers for Reading Comprehension
Use these printable graphic organizers with your elementary students on a variety of reading comprehension activities. They are great for literary elements, reading assessment, reading comprehension, curriculum development and more.

26. ReadWriteThink
ReadWriteThink is a comprehensive collection of classroom resources for teachers. It includes searchable lesson plans, student interactives, activities and printouts. With this collection, students can explore elements of books and stories; develop characters' create poems, comic strips, newspapers, flyers and more.

27. SpellZone
An online English spelling resource that includes free units, games and word lists.

28. Spellathon
Practice spelling with free interactive spelling games that are compatible with interactive whiteboards, mobile phones and tablet PCs.

29. TVOKids: Spelling Bee Game
This game plays just like a real spelling bee. Students hear the word and get one chance to spell it. They can have the word repeated and can also read a definition.

30. Shel Silverstein
If you love Shel Silverstein and his poetry, you need to check this out. There are two versions of the website—the high-bandwidth version is more glitzy, but they both have the same basic content. There are fun games and activities, printables and you can even watch animated videos of some of Shel’s poems. The coolest thing about the videos is that some of them are performed by Mr. Silverstein himself!

31. ManyThings
This website is a fantastic resource for ESL teachers and students alike. It has an extensive collection of spelling games and activities that are great for non-native speakers. My favorite is the Catch the Spelling Game.

32. Forvo 
Forvo is the world’s largest pronunciation dictionary. It’s very valuable for ESL students because they can look up any word and hear it pronounced by an authentic English speaker.

33. Storybird
Storybird is a website that allows you to combine pictures and drawings to tell a story. It is very user-friendly and you can have several students all working together on the same story.

34. The Story Starter
This automatic generator comes up with over two billion (no joke!) creative ideas for writers. It was named to Writer’s Digest Magazine’s list of 101 Best Websites for Writers in 2012.

35. Creative Writing Prompts
When your students need inspiration, this site is the place to go. It features more than 300 detailed creative writing prompts, as well as journal ideas. You can also use the writing prompts as great warm-up activities each day.

36. Math Chimp
Free collection of online math games for grades K-8 organized by the common core standards.

37. AAA Math: Fractions
The Fractions portion of the AAA Math website is particularly useful because it provides visual representations and easy-to-understand instructions. You can choose from a selection of topics like basic fractions, adding fractions, comparing fractions, converting fractions, reducing fractions, etc.

38. AplusMath: Money Flashcards
These basic flashcards will give your students the repetition they need to master the very important skill of counting money.
39. Math-Play
Math-Play has online math games that are organized by grade level, content and game type. You’ll find resources for addition, subtraction, multiplication, integers, fractions and more.

40. Math Pickle
Some math concepts can be tricky but Math Pickle’s videos are really good at simplifying concepts for your students.

41. Math Game Time
Math Game Time has interactive math games, videos and worksheets that are separated by grade level. Your students will be able to practice everything from counting to decimals.

42. Cool Math 4 Kids
This free website looks like it may have been designed in the early 90’s, but it’s got tons of great content for addition, subtraction, times tables, long division, fractions, decimals and more.

43. Calculator.com
Project one of the free online calculators on your interactive whiteboard.

44. Calcoolate
As the name suggests, Calcoolate is a neat online calculator.

45. Extreme Science
What is the largest ocean carnivore? How big is the world’s largest tarantula? Just how cold does the Antarctic actually get? Learn all about the extreme animals and places around the world.

46. Earthquakes for Kids
The U.S. Geological Survey website provides students with information about earthquakes. They can learn about the latest quakes, watch animations, get ideas for science fairs or play earthquake-related puzzles and games.

47. Water Cycle Diagram – Earthguide
The interactive Earthguide Water Cycle Diagram provides a visual representation of the different parts of the water cycle, including precipitation, runoff, infiltration, evaporation, evapotranspiration, freezing and more.

48. Plate Tectonics Animations
The University of California Berkeley’s plate tectonics animations demonstrate how the plates work, and the site includes information on the theories behind the motion, as information on the history of plate tectonics and animations of how plate tectonics shaped the world in the past!

49. ARKive
The ultimate resource for breathtaking photos and videos of the world’s endangered species. Each entry also includes a description of the species (or region) and information about its range, habitat, biology, threats, conservation and more.

50. Animal Planet
Watch preview videos for some of Animal Planet’s renowned programming on the Earth’s natural resources, wildlife and more.

51. Infrared Zoo Gallery
Use the Infrared Zoo Gallery to “see” the difference between warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals. It also allows you to study how well feathers, fur and blubber insulate different animals. Very cool!

52. National Aquarium
Take a 360-degree tour of the National Aquarium, located in Baltimore. The official website has tons of resources on the marine animals that are showcased in their habitats.

53. eNature
Use eNature’s Endangered and Threatened Species search engine to enter your zip code and learn about highly-threatened animals near you. There are also animal-related games, quizzes and other freebies available.

54. Bagheera
Learn about endangered and already-extinct species from around the world at Bagheera. Classroom activities and resources are also available for additional learning opportunities.

55. Life of Birds
The website version of PBS' Life of Birds is a great resource for learning about Earth’s most adaptable creatures.

56. InnerBody
An interactive guide to all systems of the human body including the digestive system, immune system, muscular system, respiratory system, skeletal system and more.

57. Planet Size Comparison
This super-cool website lets you pick two planets in our solar system and visually compare them. It’s great for a unit on space!

58. Exploratorium
The official website of the Exploratorium, the museum of science, art and human perception in San Francisco. It includes materials and activities for a variety of subjects,  from astronomy and space to the human body.

59. Rainforest Heroes
Learn about the rainforest and what students can do to help protect it. Rainforest Heroes also has a section for teaching ideas that include creative writing, spelling, reading, science, math and more, all relating to the topic of the rainforest or rainforest conservation.

60. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
A trove of free science resources from the U.S. Department of Education. Find high-quality materials for the Applied Sciences, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Space Sciences and more.

61. B-EYE
Give your students a different view of the world, literally! B-EYE shows your students what the world looks like through the eyes of a bee. You can zoom in and out to truly experience the effect of compound eyes on one's vision.

62. Coral Reef PhotoBank
Coral Reef Alliance’s photobank is a great resource if you’re doing a unit or center on marine ecosystems like coral reefs.

63. The Dino Directory
View 3D models of five well-known dinosaurs, and learni about the origins of their names, how large they were, what they ate and when and where they lived.
64. eSpecies Fact Sheets
Electronic fact sheets, including photos, protection status, and info on how students can help, for over 50 endangered species.

65. Steve Spangler Science Experiments
A searchable directory of easy and fun science experiments and science fair ideas.

66. Switcheroo Zoo
Let your students create their own animals by assembling different animal parts. Have them imagine a habitat for their new animal, describe how it survives, what it eats and its relationship with other animals.

67. The Magic School Bus Games
Play eight interactive science-based games including Monster Bugs, The Great Habitat Match, Space Chase, and more! There are also quizzes and printable coloring pages, as well as science experiments students can do in the classroom or at home.

68. Lawrence Hall of Science Kids
LHS Kids ("Welcome to Twenty Four Seven Science!") is home to interactive whiteboard-friendly science games and ideas for great supplemental science activities. 

69. Blabberize
Blabberize is a fun Web 2.0 tool that allows you to upload a picture (of a person—think historical figures – depending on one's sense of humor, it might be a good idea to make sure the images students have access to are pre-screened to exclude any teachers or other officials on the premises!), select its mouth, and make it talk by adding an audio file.

70. Mission U.S.
Mission U.S. is home to two free, interactive, immersive U.S. history games. One focuses on the American Revolution, the other focuses on a slave’s quest for freedom, and both bring history to life around the student, giving events of the past an immediate and highly personal appeal.

71. Online Hieroglyphics Translator
Type in a phrase and see what it looks like when it’s translated to Egyptian Hieroglyphics. This is a cool activity to do if you’re covering Ancient Egypt.

72. Playing History
Playing History aggregates all of the free history games on the web into a simple, searchable database. If the era you're teaching hasn't been mentioned elsewhere on this list, use Playing History to see if anyone has yet to bring it to life in online-game form!

73. iCivics
Free lesson plans and interactive games for learning civics. Some of the topics covered by materials at iCivics include citizenship and participation, separation of powers, branches of government and budgeting.

74. Printable World Maps
Free printable maps of the world’s countries. Each map is a blank outline, the better for quizzing students on cities, counties, and terrain!
75. Nat Geo Education: Mapping
Free, printable one-page maps, printable large-format maps and an online interactive student map.

76. Timerime
Search for pre-made, media-rich timelines or make your own using MP3 audio clips, YouTube videos and more.

77. X Timeline
Another website that makes it easy to create and share timelines that include pictures and videos.

78. Time Toast
All you need is a valid email address to create interactive timelines that can be shared anywhere on the web!

79. Tiki Toki
Easily create stunning web-based, sharable timelines with images and video. Tiki Toki also has a group editing feature for collaboration.

80. Dipity
With Dipity, you can find, create and embed interactive, customizable timelines.

81. Capzles
Create your own sharable timeline with images, video, audio, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF files.

82. 50 States
Detailed information about each of the 50 states including abbreviations and capital cities. Excellent for teaching U.S. geography!

83. Have Fun with History
A resource for students and educators with history activities, plus short videos on all major U.S. history topics.

84. Where’s That U.S. State?
This fun geography game times your students as it asks them to locate each state. How fast can your students locate each of the 50 states?
85. Biography: Black History
A comprehensive look at Black History that includes biographies (go figure), videos, photos, a timeline, study guides and more.

86. The Underground Railroad
Scholastic’s interactive Underground Railroad activity provides an in-depth and honest look at what life was like for slaves. It’s got audio, slideshows, videos, teacher’s guides and more.

87. The Seattle Times: Martin Luther King Jr.
An invaluable resource to teach the incredible story of Martin Luther King Jr. This website includes a biography, timeline, seven teaching exercises, a photo gallery, a quiz and more.

88. Education Place: Outline Maps
Another resource for printable maps, this time including historical outlines, as well!

89. Electoral College Calculator
Teaching your students about the Electoral College? Using the Electoral College Calculator is a great activity to show how winning certain states can put a candidate on an easy path to the White House.

90. Plimoth Plantation: Thanksgiving Interactive Activity
Yes, it’s spelled “Plimoth”! Trust me, I double-, triple- and quadruple-checked! This fun, award-winning activity has students role-play as history detectives who investigate what actually happened at the first Thanksgiving.

91. Prezi    
Prezi is a really neat cloud-based presentation program that allows you to zoom in and out. If you don’t mind your slides being public, you can sign up for a free account with 100MB of storage.

92. Online-stopwatch
Online-stopwatch is a web-based stopwatch that is easy to display on an interactive whiteboard and can count up or down. Use it for timed exams, writing assignments and standardized tests.

93. RubiStar 
RubiStar is a free tool to help teachers create quality rubrics. Registered users can save and edit rubrics online. You can access them from home, school or on the road.

94. Discovery Education’s Free Puzzlemaker
Puzzlemaker is a tool that helps you create and print customized word searches, criss-cross puzzles, hidden message puzzles and more, all using your own word lists.

95. Gliffy  
You can use Gliffy to create attractive and professional graphic organizers like Venn diagrams and flow charts. Unfortunately, full access to their services requires a fee, but you can sign up for a free 30-day trial!

96. Mindomo  
Mindomo is another online mind mapping tool. It’s neat because you can collaborate in real-time with others and share/embed what you’ve created. You can create up to three free mind maps!

97. Tagxedo 
Tagxedo is an awesome word cloud creation tool. You can turn customized text, websites, blogs, Twitter accounts and more into stunning designs based on the frequency of words found in the medium. There are numerous designs and color schemes to choose from, and the results can be saved to your computer or shared.

98.  Wordle
Create beautiful word clouds from text that you provide. Like Tagxedo, it gives prominence to words that appear most frequently. You can save, print and share your creation.

99. Animoto 
Use Animoto to easily create presentations and videos with your own images and music, or choose from a library of stock files. Teachers can apply for a free Animoto Plus account.

100. Bubbl.us
Use Bubbl.us to create colorful online mind maps. It’s great for class discussions and brainstorming sessions.

101. Vimeo  
Vimeo is kind of like YouTube in that it is a place for you to easily upload any kind of video you create—even high definition. A free account gives you access to 500MB worth of storage each week that you can use for a variety of things like customizing your website or blog.

Whew! You made it to the end of 101 Websites for Elementary Teachers and Homeschoolers. Thanks for reading!
Take some time and visit http://www.goedonline.com/ a fabulous store for teachers, parents, homeschool parents, I love it! 

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