Thursday, January 31, 2013

Boogers on the Wall and other assorted mommy joys!

This You Tube video caught my eye last night and had me laughing at all the nasty jobs that we as moms end up doing. Cleaning all the body fluids, boogers, poop, vomit etc off of various surfaces in the house, and not just from the kids, husbands can be just as gross. I just love the late night, hubby is so sleepy that he never lifts the toilet seat, and along comes poor mommy who unknowingly sits down on a wet seat......ewwwww!!

Dried boogers on the side arm of the couch has got to be the most disgusting discovery
I have had to deal with at our house. I mean it was loaded with a least 6 months of my 
darling daughter's dried lovelies, just out of eyesight until your rubbed your hand across
the couch arm side.  Needless to say she helped me scrub that couch until it was clean! 
And yes we have had our share of a few poo smears on the bathroom wall, for some reason kids think that if they have it on their finger, it just needs to be smeared on a wall! 
Why is that! 
We have plenty of soap and water here, don't we? 

O' The Joys of living in the Mommyhood!! 

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