Friday, January 23, 2009

Sim racing pics by Kdogg74

This is why we race online ;) that #74 car in the air is
my teenager, who also painted this car himself using
computer graphics in Paintshop Pro 8. "Bad wreck in
practice lap he tells me". I post many pictures of the
2 little sisters and this time I wanted to show how
proud I was of the teen that lives here also, my 9th
grade racer "Kdogg74" The #74 was his old football
jersey number and he had kept with that number
racing online and go-karts in the dirt. Funny how
this little boy of mine once learned all his
colors and numbers before kindergarten by race
cars. He could tell me all the Nascar cars, numbers,
colors and the drivers before he was 5. I never
imagined that teaching him at an early age would
lead to this :) By the way, he is not a "little boy"
anymore, he is taller that me, and I have been
about 5'9" since the 6th grade.

SBS racing online, his 2nd sprint car

After a hard 60 lap race in Nascar 2003season,
Kdogg74finished 3rd. The Hardees car was painted
by driver.

Here is # 74 again, Hardees orange and white painted
by Kdogg74.

This car is my favorite, done in Paintshop pro8. You
can see why I bought him his own laptop with a
higher graphics card. I think we have found our niche
and can lean towards computer careers with our
homeschool high school courses. He actually taught
himself how to do all this with some help of some
great guys online via "teamspeak" at various online
sim racing forums and race1online. He has even
created his own website without my help
"Trial by Fire Racing www.tbfr.webs.com/ .

aka: Kdogg74's momma

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CFM Winterfest pictures

I just have to add the pictures that I digi-scrapped from our
event a couple of Saturday's ago. Winterfest 2009 for CFM http://www.centralfoothillmommies.com/
Hope you enjoy if you just stopped by to see our pictures.
My new found hobby of digi-scrapping and hybrid
scrapbooking.......ohhhh so addictive. I actually used the
Scrapblog pages on Photobucket to do these, so easy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kicking some "butt" MMA style

When you take an 8 yr old girl who thinks she is
a "cheetah" and mix it with Mixed Martial Arts;
you get a "cheetahgirl" that is learning how to
literally "kick some butt". After trying the usual
girlie girl stuff like dancing and cheerleading, our
middle DD has found her "niche" per say with the
help of her "Sensai" at Superior Martial Arts , L.
is learning a variety of ju-jitsu moves , boxing
and mixed martial arts techniques. She loves it!
Look out boys for the "Cheetah" so she is called.
aka: Cheetahmom

"A Blockhouse" gingerbread house

Just what do you get when you add a gingerbread
house kit, some icing, cookies, candy and 2 little girls??
A Blockhouse gingerbread house, thats what. It was
pretty for only a day until their big brother got hungry.

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