Friday, March 6, 2009

What a crazy week!!

What a crazy week here at the ol' Blockhouse!! Even though I have been off work a few days, the craziness seems more that a really busy shift in the ER. We had a birthday girl turn 9 on Tuesday, whoo hoo for the "cheetah -girl" who is sassier that ever. My daddy got to come home from the hospital a little earlier that my mom thought, not sure if that is good or not. His liver cancer is growing now and probably outside his liver, which they are calling "in the nodules". He needs to get stronger before more chemo, but the mention of going to a "rehab facility" or " assisted living" facility seemed to get his attention...."Oh no I'm not". Maybe that will get his butt in gear for healing at home.

And to top the cake my hubby finally got to have his back surgery today, 3 months after his fall at work on an icy December morning. He is recouping well tonight and will hopefully get to go back to work in 6-8 wks or less. My brain is about fried tonight and I am still up, so I am blogging away.

Algebra I has also contributed to the short circuiting of my brain tissue this week. My teenager has some struggles with his math and thought Mom was gonna know how to do those equations. Well after some heavy thinking and figuring we actually got it. A light bulb went off and he and I actually understood all those multi- step equations. Go momma go...... Go K- Dogg go.... now what is next??

To top off the entire week, we had a wonderful winter storm with about 6 inches of snow, IN MARCH!!
Cheetah- girl says that it snowed for her birthday :)

Chow for now!!
brain fried crispy original recipe :)

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