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Thursday, June 27, 2013

4th of July Printable Pack For Your Patriotic Lessons #homeschool #4thofJuly

Visit this link to download the pack: 

Below is a full list of activities included in the pack:
Shapes and Sizes
  • Shadow Matching v.1
  • Shadow Matching v.2
  • Patriotic Shape Matching
  • Shape Trail v.1
  • Shape Trail v.2
  • Shape Trail v.3

  • Star Color Activity v.1
  • Star Color Activity v.2
  • Color by Numbers

Same vs. Different
  • Match the Patriotic Kids
  • Which One is Different? v.1
  • Which One is Different? v.2

Sorting / Categorizing
  • Patriotic Hat Size Sorting
  • Flag Size Sequencing
  • 4th of July Sorting Activity

  • 4th of July Patterning Activity ABAB
  • 4th of July Patterning Activity AABB
  • 4th of July Patterning Activity AABAAB
  • Make Your Own Patterns Activity

  • 4th of July Puzzle v.1
  • 4th of July Puzzle v.2
  • 4th of July Puzzle v.3
  • 4th of July Puzzle v.4

  • Help the Girl Find the Flag v.1
  • Help the Girl Find the Flag v.2
  • Help the Girl Find the Flag v.3

Fine Motor
  • 4th of July BBQ Pre-Writing Practice
  • Trace the Flag v.1
  • Trace the Flag v.2
  • Trace the Flag v.3
  • Cutting Practice v.1
  • Cutting Practice v.2

  • Star One-to-One Correspondence v.1
  • Star One-to-One Correspondence v.2
  • Flag Grid Game v.1
  • Flag Grid Game v.2
  • Star Race
  • Follow the 4 Number Trail
  • Stars Number Matching
  • 1-20 Number Trail
  • Connect the Dots by Number
  • 4th of July Counting v.1
  • 4th of July Counting v.2
  • 4th of July Graphing
  • Fireworks Dice Game
  • Patriotic Hat Addition v.1
  • Patriotic Hat Addition v.2

  • Patriotic Uppercase Alphabet Trail
  • Patriotic Lowercase Alphabet Trail
  • F is for Flag Letter Trail
  • ABC Letter Trail
  • Connect the Dots by Letter
  • Find the Flag Uppercase Alphabet Activity
  • Find the Flag Lowercase Alphabet Activity
  • 4th of July Word Search v.1
  • 4th of July Word Search v.2
  • 4th of July Word Identification Activity

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