Sunday, June 23, 2013

Elegance and Exotic Meet Love and Passion: Shebusa Creates Timeless Art #fashion

I have to admit that I am not a bling bling kinda girl anymore and enjoy the simpliar things in life, but I am a sucker for shiney colorful and the out of the ordinary. That is why these bracelets caught my eye. Made from various different leathers like ostrich, alligator, stingray, beavertail, frogskin and snakeskin, then combined with a shiney melted down metal that is fashioned into a bracelet just for your wrist.

Can we say Ohh La La ladies! I am loving the colors an vibrancy of these jewelry creations. I would love to get a gift like this, hint hint Mr Block... Lol. The blues and purples are my favorites, you can mix and match with outfits, the pink thin bracelet is so cute. I do appreciate that animals are not just harmed to make these either, the animal skins are by products of animals that have passed away somehow, not just killed to make jewelry.

Shebusa creates an elegant and timeless piece of jewelry created by the beauty of a wrist when a shiny metal bracelet is melted down and merged with an exotic skin selected for you with love and passion. Created by "Chris" a French designer who left the corporate world a few years ago to give something real to customers, the elegant custom designed bracelets by Shebusa that are custom created for each and every customer. You choose your design, the skin, the color to help insure that it’s a perfect fit for your personality and your wardrobe.

Visit the Shebusa Etsy shop to view some examples and be sure to contact them for how they can create a very special customized bracelet for you. Be sure to also follow the Shebusa Facebook page.

The wonderful Shebusa company has provided our blog friends with a 15% off coupon code. Just for Chips off the Old Block readers inserts the code CHIPSO and receive 15% off your custom made bracelet. The code lasts until August 31st only.

Visit this link to shop for your beautiful bracelet or gift today! : http://www.shebusa.com/en/5042-custom-bracelets

Stay tuned for a chance to win an elegant ostrich custom bracelet in my next post!

This is a sponsored post, I have been compensated in some form of exchange or payment to write this post. Please see my disclosure policy for more info.

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