Sunday, March 28, 2010

~~Growing up, oh so fast....

As I remember the day that my oldest child was born, some 16 years ago, I shed tears now thinking of how small, sweet and wonderful he was. The sweet smell of little baby boy was almost intoxicating and I was instantly in love with a 5 pound 15oz bundle of joy, even though he screamed constantly, wanted to eat every hour on the hour and spit up on me for the entire first year of his life. We move forward way to fast and before I knew it he was taller than me, now driving and going to his first big event with a young lady. I embrace the teen years now with reluctance, my emotions are changing daily and I want my baby back.....now!
Below are some recent pictures of K driving ( after mommy got off the hood of the car) and he and his beautiful date to the Newton-Conover High School Military ball (Miss T is a Jr-ROTC cadet), they look so good all dressed up.

~~ Leslie (sappy mom of the year) :)

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