Saturday, August 20, 2011

Making playdough at home, with Jello?? yep

This stuff is made with Jello, yep, you heard me, the giggly stuff we all love. A great rainy day activity for all ages of kiddos, make your own. A cooking lesson, an art lesson, math lesson (measurements). Take the play-dough and form letters, numbers, animals, symbols from the periodic tables, you name it.

Ingredients for this Jello play-dough recipe:

white flour – 1 cup
salt – 2 tbsp
cream of tartar – 2 tbsp
cooking oil – 2 tbsp
warm water – 1 cup
Jello – 1 3oz pack
Directions for this Jello play-dough recipe:

Add all the ingredients together in a big mixing bowl
Mix all the ingredients together until consistent
Pour into a pan and stir continuously
Wait for it to thicken into a big ball and then place it on a piece of wax paper to cool
Kneed it for a few minutes once cooled with some flour
Add any food coloring or glitter to spice things up!
Start playing!

This is one of the most fun you can make so make sure to give it a try once you’ve mastered some simpler recipes!
Be careful because Jello Play-dough burns easily, so make sure you cook it on low heat and keep stirring. If you store it in an air tight refrigerated container you can keep it for quite a few days.

Want more....

Go here, there is even "Pumpkin play-dough"
Love her site, check out her great book too! 


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