Friday, March 16, 2012

How do you catch one? - Leprechaun Chow

                                                                 Source: sweetology101.blogspot.com via Katie on Pinterest

Chasing a rainbow? looking for a little leprechaun that is hiding a pot of gold? I wish I could find that sneaky little booger and get that pot of gold. 
You might just tempt him with this snack made with "Lucky Charms" cereal

Lucky Leprechaun Chow (they can't resist it, me either)
What you need:
Lucky Charms
Green M&M's
White Melting Chocolate
Green Sugar Sprinkles (optional)

How to:

Take your Lucky Charms (about 6 cups)
and separate out the Marshies!

Take the cereal WITHOUT marshmallows(marshies) add pretzels, peanuts and well..whatever you want, then spread it out on a rimmed baking sheet or pour into bowl to get ready to mix with the chocolate.
Melt some white chocolate and pour over and mix well.
I ended up using about 2 bags of the Wilton white
chocolate melts in the Color-burst pastel.

Next add the magically delicious MARSHIES
and some GREEN M&M's. 
Thank you to Sweetology for this fantastic recipe, check out her blog for more sweets and treats, I really enjoyed reading all her posts, such fun!

Now your Lucky Leprechaun Chow Trap is ready to catch the little sneaky green men 
and then find your pot o' gold! 

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