Friday, April 15, 2016

Your Tax Refund: How Will You Spend It [infographic]

Are you one of those lucky people that almost always gets  a tax refund? It's exciting to think about how you are going to spend it.                                               You feel like a kid in a candy store the day your tax refund check comes in the mail or shows up in your back account, at least I know I do. What plans for that money have you already been thinking about, what dreams you have slept on for weeks?
In your head the possibilities are endless for spending money, but then reality sets in (or your spouse chimes in) and you realize that any influx of money to your budget whether large or small, might need to be spent wisely with some thought first to the budget.
There are many options to maximize your refund depending on your financial situation. Most of us don't have the luxury available to just "blow" our newly acquired funds on frivolousness, even though we so want to buy those cute shoes or take a "just me" vacation to the white sand beaches of Bora Bora (on my bucket list...lol).  

Here are 5 of my top common sense tax refund spending tips
  1. Put it in savings ( a higher rate of interest savings account if possible) and create an rainy day or emergency fund just as the infographic below describes.
  2. Pay on all of your credit cards, pay them off if you can.
  3. Refinance your home while mortgage rates are lower, having a lower payment makes much more sense. If you can refinance right now, try to pay some on the principle, extra payments will help in the long run.
  4. Add some of that money to your retirement fund, it will be here before you know it (depressing isn't it, lets go to Bora Bora now)
  5. Splurge just a little on yourself, just do it smartly. Take your spouse out to a nice dinner for date night, this will recharge your batteries and your marriage.
Our friends at US Tax Center have created this awesome infographic with the advice of their financial experts to help show us how we can spend our tax refunds wisely. Please feel free to comment with your ideas and suggestions on how you maximize your refund money, do you have any tips or tricks that work for your family?

"Visit the US Tax Center at irs.com and see all the wealth of information that is available on their site and some convenient options for filing taxes online.

I hope you have a blessed day and wonderful weekend!

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