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The Butler Adoption~ help bring these girls home

About $4 for 4 tickets! The Butler Adoption

I just wanted to share this story and encourage others to share and reblog also, help this family get these beautiful girls home where they belong.

Our story ~The Butlers

Our family began the adoption process in May 2010 as a result of Danny's mission work in Nicaragua.  We fell in love with the country and its culture and our plans were to adopt a baby girl or young toddler from there. But God had different plans for us.  The program was going slow and we had hit some bumps along the way.  This past May2011 a friend of ours that was contracted with our same adoption agency was posting photos of some children that were to come to America for the summer on an international orphan hosting program called New Horizons for Children.  The photos she was posting were children that were NOT CHOSEN.  They had not been selected by a host family and there was only one day left before the program closed.  We were immediately drawn to the photo of two sisters and could not get them out of our minds. Many things unfolded very quickly over the next few days that made it clear we were to host them.  But we were contracted with another agency and to adopt from Nicaragua, not Latvia and hosting was going to swallow up a good chunk of our adoption fund.  What was the Lord trying to tell us?  At that point we didn't know what He was doing but what we did know is that these are the faces the snagged us.  Hook, line, and sinker :
 So we jumped in with both feet not sure what was going to happen next!  That's what stepping out in faith is all about right?  Taking the next step and not seeing the stairs below? 

These are our girls leaving for their trip to America.  Unsure of what the family they were coming to would be like and if they'd want to keep them or forget them.

 The summer came and they arrived and in the beginning they were two very scared girls with some major emotional and trust issues but over the next five weeks we came to know each other and they began to trust us.   Bonds were formed and hearts began to mend.  These sweet girls love to be outside, are very athletic, and artistic.  A has an awesome pitching arm while D loves to dance. Both love animals and play piano.  We loved the time we had with them and it went all too fast.  The day we had to return them to Latvia was the hardest day of our life.  Sending our girls away that begged us to stay, to not send them back.  They didn't want to return to the orphanage where life was hard and no one cared. Nobody there to tuck them in an night or to take care of them when they are sick.  But unfortunately we signed a paper that we had to return them or we could get into some big trouble. 

These are my beautiful girls just days before they left us.  Notice the difference in their expressions?  Amazing what family does for a person
 This is our whole family.  Did we mention we have 3 sons too?  We will soon be a family of seven!  God is so awesome!

We just knew that we had to bring them home to us.  FOREVER.  Those were our DAUGHTERS and they belonged WITH US!  So the change in direction and a whole new paper chase began.  I'll skip the boring details and tell you that we have just received our court date!  Latvia requires three trips be made before the adoption is complete, however they do allow the children to return home on a student visa after the first trip so that makes the first trip the most expensive one.  We must bring $9000 on this trip for various expenses.  Tack on another $3700 (two round trip tickets and two one way tickets) in airfare and we are looking at just under $13,000!  Thankfully we were blessed with a $6500 grant from Show Hope but we are still short $6200 to cover the remaining expenses of trip one and the plane tickets.

Did I mention we got a court date?  Court is January 31st! We leave in just 25 days!  That's 25 days to raise $6200!

And since it's a little too cold to get back to holding yard sales or plan a big fundraiser ... here we are.  Would you consider donating $4 (one dollar for each one of our tickets) to help us bring our girls home?  I've seen first hand what difference a little bit makes when the body comes together as a whole.

We would love to have you take a part in bringing our family together in 2012.

But aside from donations we need you to share.  We need you to share our link and ask your friends to donate $4 and share the link too.  If just 1550 people give $4 we have it covered.  We will be all set!
Share our link, ask your friends to donate, tweet, facebook, email and blog about it!
Stand on the street corner, shout it out from the roof tops, write it as graffiti on the bath room walls (kidding about that part) but spread the word!  Tell your mother, tell your neighbors, tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends!
We have been very blessed with a supportive family & friends in this journey. We are coming into the homestretch now and need this final push.  Just about everyone I know can spare $4 and I'd love to see those little $4 turn into big, overflowing buckets of dollars to help us get those two beautiful girls home.
Thank you for taking a minute of your time out to read our story and for blessing us with your donation.
In His Name,
Danny, Tabitha our FIVE precious children

$4 for 4 tickets! The Butler Adoption Details

Campaign Goal $6,200.00

Raised So Far $1,373.50

Days Left to Give 21 Days

Donate Now

The website for more info and this story http://www.acharityproject.com/f/4for4ticketsTheButlerAdoption

Donate please and help this family~~ Giving back to your fellow man will make you feel great and know you have done something great
Even if it is just $4.00
That means the world to some.

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