Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our First and Second Responsibilties ~

Our First Responsibility is to be happy, our second is to make others happy. Seems simple enough and a wonderful thought to live by. I was touched by this video and wanted to share. Something so simple yet so hard probably for most people to do, give back to others. Accept change and just do it! Giving back to others is one of my most important life works, my profession as a nurse I guess has lead me to think like this. I teach my children the same thing (when they listen) in hopes that a legacy of doing and caring about others will remain for generations to come.

30 gifts to 30 strangers : how sweet this was to do, celebrate your birthday by making others happy! Do you think we can do this when I am 50? hmmm 50 gifts :)


Thank you and big hugs to Lucas for posting on You Tube for people like me to enjoy, made me smile  :)

Here is more of Lucas
Website: www.lucasjatoba.com 
You need to see his work, incredible artist both print and video!! Wow
Twitter: www.twitter.com/#!/iamlucasjatoba 
If you liked the video, watch the making of! www.vimeo.com/28850787


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