Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who lives in the gingerbread house?

Mommy, do gingerbread men live in the gingerbread house? That is the question that my youngest daughter asked while we were putting together our gingerbread house this year. I snapped a few pictures of our sweet little house covered in white icing and candy of all colors and shapes.
The house now looks like a tornado hit it, a hungry tornado that is. Much munching has occurred since the roof raising.

 The Kit~ picked up at a local craft store
 Oh Mommy I am so excited!!
 Our finished chalet de gingerbread!
 Gumdrops, sprinkles, icing, peppermints Oh My!!

Miss Lucy says " and when are you people going to bed"? 
huh? I am gonna attack that house....

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