Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All dressed up and it snowed...

All dressed up For Winter time now, our blog that is......

I love to change up the scenery as you can tell, and in comes winter complete with a header from last years great "Christmas tree hunt" when we went to the mountains in
the snow looking for that perfect tree.... boy it snowed, as you can see by the roads our trek to the tree farm was not an easy one, but so worth it. We began a yearly
tradition of driving to the mountains to chop down our Christmas tree as a family and spending the day all together no matter the weather. This week we will go again on our yearly trek, thought I would post some of last years 2010 pics. In the mountains near Boone North Carolina.

Here are a few more pics I love:

The blog header above was created with this cute picture, one of my silly kids running up and down this snowy hill....


  1. Hi Leslie,

    I love the pics. When we would go and cut down a tree in So Cal it was usually 80 degrees lol.

    The snow reminds me of the few years I lived in Ohio as a kid.

    Anyway, beautiful pictures

  2. Hey there Tamara! it usually does not snow that much here early in December, last year we were blessed to have such a beautiful background for our family day. We just got back for our trek to Boone NC again last week.


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