Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Plague - Germ Warfare


Help! Our household is a war zone, the plague is back and has manifested itself in the throat of a 9 year old child. It does not speak.......yet it has a message.... Laden in mucus.

I fear that it is after me.....I hide hoping that the micronutrients and vitamin C that pulses thru my blood will fight the nasty war for me.

The infected child follows me, hugs me, is possessed by this viral creature. She refuses to leave me alone if she is not entranced in the deep sleep. I want to push her away, lock her in the viral containment closet, but the power of motherly love is way to strong.

I must embrace this zombish monster and fight my battles, one Kleenex at a time......sniff......sniff.



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