Saturday, February 9, 2013

Side Effects of Soda~ How is it impacting your family's health?

No Soda you say! Yep that's right our household (with the exception of a certain daddy) has gone soda-less.
I thought at one point in my life that I could not live without my diet Mountain Dew daily, but over that last year or so, I have slowly cut back and just lost the taste for any thing soda related. Some of my medications yes have helped with that problem, but I just found myself liking other things instead. Same thing goes for my teenager, he had nearly cut his soda intake in half, and now after reading some of the data, he has nearly cut all the soft drinks out of his diet also. I started doing some research about what is actually in soft drinks and fruit drinks that we give our kids all the time, I was totally shocked. The effects on our body is even greater and a better reason to just not buy it anymore! Green tea for me now!

The infographic below was the real reason I stopped drinking soda all together!

                                                              Source: flickr.com via Whitney on Pinterest

Have a blessed and Healthy day!


  1. Wow. Great post! I prefer water to soda but when I eat out I have three of four glasses without even thinking....


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