Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Secret Support System That Keeps Me Sane #mommiesnetwork

I have been a member of this wonderful network of support since 2007 and can't live without it. The Mommies Network and my local chapter Centralfoothillsmommies has been there for me in good times and bad. I just wish I had found them sooner when I was pregnant with my first child or trying to conceive many years ago. I have formed friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime and memories that my children will recall throughout their lives. I now serve in a leadership role and enjoy giving back to my local chapter and on the national level. Like all great non-profits though, it does take funds to run a network that is doing so much. 
Please consider supporting this worthy network by donating this month via our May is for Mothers campaign.  I challenge you to match my $100 donation or give at least $10 towards our goal. Come on, together we can do this! 
I want to share the post from The Mommies Network blog today: video is priceless!

Across the country, we have been proud to provide support to mothers from all walks of life for the last 11 years. But, as time has gone by, we have seen a shift in the dynamics between mothers and we have seen a divide that the media has dubbed "The Mommy Wars."

When The Mommies Network was founded, we saw that mothers have a unique bond- a shared strength from loving for our children. We identified that the characteristics of being a mother- the passion, the sacrifice, the deep conviction of providing to our children a better world- all of these things were also aspects that could create a community of women who could make the world a better place. 

However, in order to make these communities, we have to overcome the hurdles of the "Mommy Wars." We need to come back to our place of support, and see that how we parent is not nearly as important as our love for our children. What divides us is weaker than what unites us.
Supporting mothers does not always look like what you think it might. But, to us, supporting mothers means ...

providing a place for them to feel safe...

giving them a free corner of the world where they can find other mothers who have been where they have been....

giving them a community where they can be themselves..

providing these things to mothers we don't always agree with...

we stop defining ourselves, and each other, as being different, and instead we unite under the idea that the diversity of our members makes us stronger.

We serve over 30,000 women in our mission to provide a safe and FREE place to find support and encouragement, advice and friendship.

Your donation to The Mommies Network provides us with the means to unite mothers from across the country and to provide a real network of support. Help us end "The Mommy Wars" by making a donation in honor of a mother who may not be like you, but is part of the community of moms that makes your world a better place.

Join us today to help end "The Mommy Wars" , uniting mothers across the country! Donate with me! All donations are tax deductible! 

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