Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Zoology For Homeschool Free Stuff #atozchallenge

All of the animal lapbooks from homeschoolshare.com have information included. That is most of them.
Use this Online Graphic Organizer to organize what you learn about any animal.
Facts on Specific Breeds of Animals along with their classification, plus animal sounds, habitats, zoological research
Arkive photos, videos, info
Lil’ Fingers Storybooks — YouTube Zoo — stories, games, coloring pages, and videos of animals — promises that all videos have been screened for appropriateness (no killing or mating, etc.) and you don’t have to worry about others’ comments
Zoo Keeper Training  L/M  fill out the job application and start learning about animals
More Animal Facts Smithsonian
More Animal Facts The World Almanac for kids
Zoology Academic Website U (maybe I should say high school)
Biology4Kids Website
What’s That Animal? notebooking page  from the Crafty Classroom
Jane Goodall M  Animated video, plus activities
Symbiosis — graphic organizer, this could be turned into a lapbook piece
The Case of the Zany Animal Antics 1 hr SCI Files episode, learn about animal life cycles, habitats, migratory patterns and more (comes with teacher guide)
(See Wild Animals I Have Known on the Ambleside page, year 5)
(See Of the motion of the heart and blood in animals on the “Robinson” page, level 10)
  • Animal Classification
Animal Classification L  Video and activities
Animal Classification Online Game L/M  (sheppard software)
Classification  U   worksheets, activities and more
What is it? Online games L/M  Is it a mammal, reptile, bird…African Grasslands,Backyard AnimalsAmerican ForestAfrican RiverOcean Animals
Form and Function M/U  learn how scientists look at structure and behavior to compare animals
Create an Invertebrate M  lesson plan from Sea World/Busch Gardens
The Animal Kingdom, arranged according to its organization, serving as a foundation for the natural history of animals: and an introduction to comparative anatomy For Senior Students who seriously want to know every last detail  There are four volumes of this book, all listed below.
Volume One   Text / Pictures
Volume Two  Text / Pictures
Volume Three  Text / Pictures
Volume Four  Text / Pictures
  • Endangered Species
Endangered Species L/M  Online Game  (gives info while you play–sheppard software)
  • Diet (herbivore, carnivore, omnivore)
Herbivore, Omnivore, Carnivore L/M  Online game (click on the link in the corner if you want to read about these)  (sheppard software)
Matching Memory Game  Carnivores — Herbivores — Omnivores (sheppard software)
  • Food Chain
Learn about the food chain simplebigger chains L/M (sheppard software)
Food Chain L/M  Online Game  (sheppard software)
Energy pyramids  3rd grade “Science Up Close”  These tend to be boring but there is some good information on the food chains as they affect ecosystems
Food Chain M/U Graphic organizer  (food chain is also mentioned in The Magic School Bus Hops Home video which is listed under habitat below)
You can search for The Magic School Bus Gets Eaten on youtube.
The Food Web of the Artic Ocean M see how the animals depend on each other “Science up close” 4th grade — not a favorite of mine
Coral Reef – explore, learn about the animals, build a food web–this is extensive, wants you to learn about each living 

See the rest of the awesome list HERE 

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