Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Diva ~~ #atozchallenge

D is for Diva? how can homeschooling have anything to do with Diva's. Well you see my youngest pupil would be by 9 year old makeup diva. Everything revolves around makeup most days. Even though she is a girly girl she likes video games, Twilight, vampires, Minecraft and other typical pre-teen things. Teaching her has been a challenge for this homeschooling momma. We are still working on reading and I have had to be a little creative to keep her interested. We came up with the Diva Alphabet, to relate all things makeup/ beauty and girly with the letters A - Z if we could. 

I will attempt to share it with you here:

A : Applicators (like for makeup) or Avon
B: Base or BB cream
C: Cover Girl or Concealer
D: Diamonds --a girls best friend
E: Estee Lauder
F: Foundation
G: Glitter
H: Hairspray
I: iPhone
J: Juicy Couture
K: Kabuki brush 
L: Lancome'
M: MAC makeup of course (her favorite brand) 
O: OPI nail polish
P: Philosophy 
Q: Queen
R: Revlon
S: Sephora 
T: Target or TNT 
U: Ulta or Urban Decay 
V: Victoria's Secret 
W: Walmart ( has cheaper makeup)
X: XBox (we can watch YouTube videos about makeup on the XboX)
Y: YouTube (favorite makeup video spot) 
Z:  Z Palette  

My Diva! a total girly girl 

 Her massive lip balm collection- we practice our reading with the labels  
For math one day we counted the lip balms in sets of 10, she had 130 total!! 


  1. My diva is my 8 year old! What a great way to incorporate her interests with schooling!

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

    1. this was the only way to get her to learn, did the same with my oldest who loves race cars, we did the racing alphabet and he learned all his colors and numbers related to all the Nascar drivers and cars, it worked

  2. A Darling Diva indeed! CAnNOT believe all those lip balms! Excellent idea to use labels to improve her reading skills! Clever mum!

    1. The lip balm collection is just the tip of her collections, you should see the rest, and the ones she makes herself ;)
      She hates it when I make her count them all...lol


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