Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Confessions of a Homeschool Mom #atozchallenge

Confessions : Oh My 

Boy do I hate confessionals, but they are not so bad since I have accepted the fact that I am not a perfect mom, never will be. When I had my first child some 19 years ago, I thought I had to be perfect. I scoured the floors with a toothbrush practically, my house was always so clean. Until one day my smiling happy baby boy crawled over my pristine clean kitchen floor and ate a dead fly. I cried and thought I was going to poison him because he ate that poisonous carcass. He looked up at me smiling lovingly
.... laughing at me with a semi-toothless grin and said "momma play". That was when I knew that being perfect was not the answer, providing him lots of love and attention was all he needed. The time I spent scrubbing that darn floor could have been better spent playing with him. As mothers we get so caught up in worrying about what others think about us, how we parent, how our children look, how they act and so on......
In reality God gives us these blessings and he gives us the tools and wisdom to know their every need, want, and desire as infants, children and as they grow. Seeking His guidance should be all you need as a mom, not the guidance or approval of others. Praying daily for you children makes a huge difference in your relationship with them, try it!

Back to my Confessions of a Homeschool Mom (since I got off track a bit there) :

  • I am not perfect (and never will be)
  • I am not the supermom you think I am (nope, just a mom like you)
  • I sleep til after lunch some days ( ha ha, since I can) 
  • I stay up way to late at night since I can't get anything done when kids are up
  • My kids sleep late almost everyday (and stay up way too late)
  • My house is a disaster zone  (bet your house is a mess too)
  • My dust bunnies have orgies at night and party all night long
  • Some Days we play all day instead of doing school (so what)
  • I am impatient at times ( most all the time anymore)
  • I am an organized wanna be mom ( I want to be organized and try but fail)
  • I watch episodes of "Hoarders" to motivate myself to clean 
  • I hate laundry folding and would rather make the kids do it
  • I make my daughter empty the dishwasher because I hate that chore too
  • I spend way too much time online (and so do my kids)
  • I have a huge book fetish and can't give them up --even the little baby books
  • I have ADHD most likely too.........Squirrel!!
  • I have depression and yes I take medication now ( its ok)
  • If I did not take my medication, I might just smother my husband in his sleep (just kidding---maybe)
  • I have been known to secretly hide Pepperidge Farm cookies and not share (oh my)
  • Some times on Facebook, I would like to ask friends if they have a life besides sharing pictures all day long.....ohh did I say that.
  • Yes, I slept with and married one of my ER patients ( the one I want to smother at night--lol) 
  • Lesson plans, who uses those? I teach by the seat of my pants (but my kids learn just fine)
  • I am the worst record keeper (in a box it goes...at least I keep them) 
Yes homeschool moms can be imperfect, but our house is a house of love, care and understanding. Kids are learning life skills every day and growing in knowledge. Thats all that really matters. 


  1. I think I could have written all of those confessions (except for my kids sleeping late every day - I could only be that lucky).

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

    1. lol, mine would get up early if they did not stay up half the night, that is just as bad some nights...

  2. LOL. I think I'm guilty of about all of those too!

    Rinelle Grey

    1. So glad I am not the only one, thanks for stopping by Rinelle!

  3. We've all got a bit of 'SQUIRREL' in us! I think playing is learning too :)

    1. Just having kids brings out the SQUIRREL in all of us I think...lol, Thanks for stopping by D.J. !

  4. I love this post...it is so refreshingly honest and I love how self-aware and humorous you are about it! I check off quite a bit of the list too.

    1. Aww thank you Melch, always pays to be honest with yourself and life ;)

  5. Humorous and honest confessions... was smiling all through the post!! :))

  6. I love the list! You are awesome!


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