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Q Words That Are Unusual~ #atozchallenge

A pretty neat resource for word geeks like me! I never knew so many words could begin with the letter Qq.
http://phrontistery.info/q.html the International House of Logorrhea (an online dictionary of obscure and rare words), the Compendium of Lost Words (a compilation of ultra-rare forgotten words), and many other glossaries, word lists, essays, and other language and etymology resources.

Word Definition
qanat---- underground tunnel for carrying irrigation water
qasida---- Arabic or Persian elegiac poem
qat---- leaves chewed or brewed in tea as a stimulant
qigong---- system of Chinese meditational exercises
qintar---- Albanian unit of currency
qiviut---- wool of the undercoat of a musk-ox
qoph a ----Hebrew letter
qua---- in the capacity of
quab---- to throb; to quiver
quab---- something unfinished or immature; unfledged bird
quackle---- to choke; to suffocate
quacksalver---- one who falsely pretends to knowledge of medicine
quad ----unit of energy equal to one quadrillion British thermal units
quadra---- square frame; plinth
quadrable---- capable of being expressed in a finite number of algebraic terms
quadragenarian ----a person between 40 and 49 years of age
quadragesimal---- of, like or pertaining to Lent; lasting forty days
quadragesimarian---- one who observes Lent
quadragintesimal---- forty-fold; having forty parts
quadral---- in four parts
quadraphonic---- produced by a sound system that employs four signal sources
quadrat---- small square block used as a space in printing
quadrate---- to make square; to make to agree
quadratrix---- a curve by which a circle may be squared
quadratura---- wall or ceiling painted with arches and columns in strong perspective
quadrel---- square block of brick
quadrennial---- lasting four years; occurring once every four years
quadrennium---- period of four years
quadrifid---- split into four
quadrifoliate---- having four leaves
quadriga---- two-wheeled carriage drawn by four horses
quadrigeminal---- in four similar or equal parts
quadrigenarious---- comprising four hundred
quadrille---- square dance for four couples; card game for four people
quadrilocular---- having four compartments
quadrimium----- four-year-old wine; best or oldest wine
quadripole---- device having one pair of output terminals and one pair of input terminals
quadrireme---- ancient ship with four sets of oars
quadrivial---- leading in four directions; concerning a four-way junction
quadrivium---- four branches of mathematics in medieval education
quadrivoltine---- having four litters in a single year
quadroon---- old term for a person of one-quarter black ancestry
quadrumanous---- of the primates other than man
quadrupedation---- stamping with four feet
quaedam---- disparaging term for a woman
quaere---- to introduce a question or issue
quaeritur---- the question is asked
quaesitum----- something sought for; the true value
quaestionary---- religious pardoner
quaestor---- ancient magistrate; a medieval pardoner
quaestuary---- money-making; money-seeking; in business only for profit
quagga---- extinct African wild ass like the zebra
quagma---- hypothetical matter made up of quarks and gluons
quagswag ----to shake to and fro
quahog---- type of edible clam
quain---- angle; wedge-like corner
quale---- quality or property of something; abstract virtue or quality
qualificator---- one who prepares ecclesiastical cases for trial
qualimeter---- apparatus for measuring penetrating power of X-ray beams
qually---- of wine, cloudy or turbid
qualtagh---- first person encountered after leaving home on a special day
quamoclit---- tropical climbing plant with brilliant flowers
quango---- a quasi-autonomous non-governmental organization
quangocracy---- rule of quasi-autonomous non-governmental organizations
quannet---- flat file used like a plane
quant---- punting or jumping pole with a flat end
quantile---- any of a set of equal fractions of a given population
quantimeter---- apparatus for measuring quantity of X-rays
quantivalence---- chemical valence; ability of atoms to hold other atoms in combination
quantometer---- instrument for measuring proportions of elements in metallic samples
quantophrenia---- obsessive reliance on statistics and mathematical results
quantulate---- to calculate the magnitude of
quantulum---- small quantity
quantuplicity---- relative magnitude of a quantity
quaquadrate---- a sixteenth power
quaquaversal---- facing or bending all ways
quarender---- dark red apple
quaresimal---- Lenten; having the meagreness of Lenten meals
quarion---- candle
quark---- soft cheese made from skim milk
quarkonium---- meson formed of a quark and an anti-quark
quarl---- large curved brick or tile used to support melting pot
quarred---- soured; clotted
quarrelet---- small square
quarrenden---- variety of apple
quarrion---- Australian parrot like the cockatiel
quartan---- a fever recurring every third day
quartation---- mixing one part gold with three parts silver prior to purifying it
quarter---- unit of weight equal to 28 pounds
quarterdeck---- part of ship's deck set aside by captain for ceremonial functions
quartering---- sailing nearly before the wind
quarterland---- ancient land division on the Isle of Man
quarterlight---- small triangular ventilation window in a car
quartern---- one quarter of various measures
quartic---- a curve or equation of the fourth degree
quartinvariant---- an invariant of the fourth degree
quartodeciman---- early Christian who celebrated Easter on Passover even if not a Sunday
quartziferous---- bearing quartz

Many more words here.... http://phrontistery.info/q.html


  1. These words - especially the ones without the "u" - will come in handy the next time I play Scrabble. :)

    Happy A-Z!

    1. Oh me too Madeline, especially my Words with Friends games! I found a new site for words....lol


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