Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Triberr of course! #atozchallenge

T is for Triberr , heck yeah!

You ask what on earth is a Triberr, most bloggers know what Triberr is, but for those of you that are not using this awesome community of blogging fantastics, I will tell you.

Triberr a Blog Amplification Platform. The basic principle of Triberr is that each member shares their latest blog posts, and other members amplify the blog by sharing each other's posts to Twitter, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn. Members join Tribes based around specific topics and categories so that each blogger is sharing and reading blogs from other similar bloggers. I've been a member of Triberr personally for a while now, and can attest to the enormous impact it's had on website traffic and reader interest. Triberr currently boasts over 50,000 tribes and over 2,000,000 visitors a month sent to member blogs. 
As a very busy mom blogger, health and medical specialist & blogger (ERnursescare & Ed4Ed4All.com) and social media advisor for The Mommies Network, I need easy, anything that can help me multitask to many social media platforms at once gets an A+ in my mommy book! My own triberr outreach has grown to a massive 8 million, I can not be more pleased with that number.
Wow that is a lot of people!! I can say that my tribes have grown, my twitters followers have grown immensely and I have met some of the most amazing people on Triberr.  I cannot say enough positive about Triberr, you just need to get yourself over there and check it out yourself!! 
The newest changes that the creators of Triberr, Dino Dogan & Dan Cristo have made have done nothing but improve the concept and the ease of sharing blog posts. Every time a new change rolls out it improves my overall feel, ease and love of the platform. 
Imagine posting your blog post and then having it posted again via your fabulous tribemates to their own Twitter followers, Linkedin, Google +, Facebook, Stumbleupon,  and more social media avenues. Your one blog post has the potential to reach thousands, even millions of other people that you would not have reached before Triberr. In turn you are also helping others by amplifying blog posts you choose to send out of your tribemates. It is nothing but a win- win situation! 

Now get your hiney over to Triberr and sign up! Don't know what the heck you are doing? Here is a great complete guide video on how to use Triberr. 

Yes the video is long, but very helpful if you are a Triber newbie and need some help starting up. Key points I can add.

  • Join Triberr
  • Update your profile with a picture and all about you -- here is my profile Leslie Conway Block 
  • Follow some tribes that are in your niche, 
  • Be diligent to visit daily and approve posts
  • Ask to join tribes you think are a perfect fit for you
  • Visit the Bonfires and post a note about yourself, asking to join tribes
  • Create your own tribe and start looking for tribemates if you want 
  • Sit back and enjoy Triberr! 
Happy blogging and sharing with Triberr!! 


  1. "Awesome community of blogging fantastics" I love this and I love Triberr! :)

  2. I've not heard of it. Is it like a meme..like our challenge? Or like the old blog catelog? It's always confused me, if you spend time on those other platforms you don't have time to blog and visit blogs, do you?


    1. Sandy, Triberr is so much more, you truly need to check it out, it is a blog amplification platform, not just another social media place, not a challenge. It is bloggers helping other bloggers pretty much.


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