Thursday, July 25, 2013

Learn At Home with Legos Series day 1 #homeschool #education

“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent
perspiration.” Thomas Edison

I have started using some of our favorite little toys to create learning tools for my homeschoolers. I thought I might share a few days worth of posts on all the wonderful things out there in the blogosphere you can find to homeschool with Legos. Boy there are a ton of resources out there, free resources, all you need is the Legos (some libraries actually loan them), a printer and your usual craft/art supplies to create lapbooks or notebooks if you please.

Our first stop was to learn about the toy itself, where did it come from, how was it made, when was it made etc. We already had the huge book on Legos (you can find on Amazon). I found several more additions to our homeschool library on Amazon.com. Here are a only a few I really like or ordered for myself.

This Infographic has some great information about the Timeline of Lego and the company!

The many Worlds of LEGO #lego

Stay tuned for some great lapbooking and notebooking resources on day 2 of my Learn at Home with Legos Series. For now we are going to play and learn!

Karma Media Team

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  1. Legos... Best. Invention. Ever. I still have a ton of them in my parents attic. Castles, Pirate Ships, Star Wars sets, even a "Robin Hood" type set! Waiting for my little guy to be old enough to play with them :-)


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