Saturday, December 21, 2013

Festive Fruit Pizza A Family Favorite At Our House #recipes #holiday

Every time I need to make and take a dessert to a get together my family shouts out "Fruit Pizza"! They love this luscious fruity pizza like pie. I sorta combined recipes over the years to make my own concoction, so bear with me trying to post the ingredient list.
This time my daughter Sarah who is 10 wanted to make her own pie for our family as I made one to take to work for a co-workers birthday party. You will be amazed at the chef-like creation my 10 yr old daughter whipped up. Mommy helped minimally.

Sarah's Fruit Pizza!

My Fruit Pizza Creation!

Ingredient List :

  • Sugar cookie dough- I buy the rolls or big bucket at "SAMs", I have made from scratch but find it work better premade and already chilled.
  • Cream cheese-softened-2 blocks per pizza
  • Cool whip -1-8oz container per pizza( use vanilla if you want extra yummy)
  • Heavy whipping cream ( optional-makes base creamier)
  • Sugar -1cup per pizza
  • Lemon zest or juice--or almond extract (your taste in base)
  • Confectioners sugar -for glaze
  • Juice of an orange -for glaze
  • Assorted fresh fruit in season drained of juices-I like kiwi, blueberries,strawberries,mandarin oranges,raspberries,blackberries, bananas (slice and pat juices with paper towel so it does not run)

 How To:

  • Start with a pizza pan /stone or a baking/cookie sheet, place parchment paper or aluminum foil on pan to ease clean up. 
  • Grease foil pan with coconut oil(my preference-works great in baking).
  • Take your sugar cookie dough and begin to form a huge cookie bottom on your pan. 
  • If you are using slice rolls , cut then approx 1in wide or so and put them down on the pan. Roll out or use your hands ( grease them first) to press the dough all over the pan. 
  • Your choice if you want an edge or roll around the edges.

Now bake cookie dough as directed on your dough directions.

Let cool completely

You can start mixing the base or pizza sauce for your pizza while the cookie is baking and cooling.
In a large mixing bowl, combine the cream cheese, whipped cream, lemon zest or extract (or your choice of flavorings), and sugar. Pour heavy whipping cream in as you mix with your beaters or free standing mixer.

When the base is a totally mixed and whipped together to your liking, apply to the baked cookie crust
of your pizza. I use a spatula to ease the spread of the mixture.

Get all your fruits ready to go, sliced, dry and no dripping juices to run.

The pizza is now ready to be your canvas to place all your fruits in any patterns you desire. Anything goes, you can get as creative as you please. I start from the center and work my way out, rotating colors.

When you are all done, mix your glaze, the confectioners sugar and juice of an orange or a lemon, with a whisk. Use a pastry brush to paint the glaze over all the fruit to give it an extra shine and help keep it fresh.

Place your pizzas in the fridge to chill, cut with a pizza cutter and serve. Your family will enjoy I promise. The longer this delight sits the better it gets. Yummy....... just shake out all those calories.

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