Friday, August 29, 2014

The Best Presents Are Brought On The Wings Of Angels #hope #joy #love

The past few week have been particularly difficult with so many deaths, negative news topics and others memories surfacing that have underlying emotions that I forgot were there. My youngest daughter started crying for her grandmother one day making it harder for me to console her due to my emotional instability. I did manage to pull myself together proudly and not have a meltdown this time.

Then as I was taking a trash bag outside my eye focused on a green vine sprawled out on the ground in a neglected flower bed near my garage. Could it be? A cardinal or hummingbird vine growing up from a tangled mess of weeds. Yes it was! The only way this vine was growing here now was from seeds I may have spilled out back in Feb. After my mother passed away, we moved many of her household possessions and treasures from her garden to my house. One of the bird feeders spilled out in that flower bed and must have contained seeds from her cardinal vine, since it was one of her favorites.

The only other explanation I have is the seeds arrived via the wings of Angels, maybe my momma or grandma, planted to give me hope and joy for each coming day.

The vine has grown even more since this picture and the hummingbirds are enjoying its nectar now.

May hope and Joy Fill your Day.........

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