Friday, December 5, 2014

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Doggie Treats For Your Furbabies #pets

Those of us that have furbabies understand the love we share for our pets, we want to take care of them just like our children. We buy doggie treats weekly for our 2 pug/schnauzer mix doggies and it gets rather expensive. You don't know what is in those treats, artificial chemicals, sugars, fats and assorted fillers that they just don't need to be eating. So I started looking for recipes to make our own
pet treats, starting first with our dogs. I am still working on some cat treats. 
Most recipes you find are very simple to make, they keep in a air tight container rather well and our dogs love them. I like to add some coconut oil one a day to their treats also as a supplement, it gives their coat a nice shine, helps with digestion and aids in their all around health and wellness. 

Here is a very easy recipe you can follow that I found on Pinterest: 

These can be easily wrapped up for holiday gift giving also, put in a cute little jar with a ribbon and you have a perfect gift for your favorite friend. Enjoy! 

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