Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hand-washing, Does Your Family Do It Right? #health #kids

Hand-washing is a very simple thing to teach your kids, simply sing the "Happy Birthday" song or the "ABC's" while you wash your hands encourages kids to wash their hands for the correct amount of time to wash away those germy germs. Encourage them to use hand sanitizer (of your choice) while you are out an about. The rule we have is if you touch something, you need to clean your hands, especially at the grocery store, big box stores, restaurants  or anywhere large numbers of other people might gather and spread their germs.
The infographic below shows the importance of hand-washing and how it can save lives actually.

Please wash those hands and keep your family well this flu and cold season!  Daisy and Buttons our furry puggy friends want you to be healthy and well!



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