Saturday, January 3, 2015


National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day – January 3

Recognized by the National Confectioners Association and celebrated by millions of people across the country, January 3rd is National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day.
It is almost impossible to eat just one of these chocolate covered cherry candies that have combined two favorite flavors into one delicious treat. The candy often times is made with a sweet liquid center and in some cases has a liquor filling center.

Known to many as a “mid winter pick-me-up” chocolate covered cherries, also called chocolate cordials, can be either store-bought or homemade. There are also many recipes that mimic the flavor of the long known and well loved candy.
In the 1700′s in England, cherries were enclosed in chocolate with a little kirsch (cordial) liqueur. After finding their way to America, they were well accepted with the little bit of alcoholic cordial surrounding the fruit that had been dipped in chocolate. Although originally made with the liqueur, cordials/chocolate covered cherries are more commonly made with a sugar syrup flavored with cherries. The pitted cherries that are used have been cooked in sugar syrup and jarred.
Enjoy your day sharing some chocolate covered cherries with your friends and try one of the following “tried and true” recipes:
I can recall eating these yummy treats at Christmas when I was a child, can't wait to make them myself. I really never thought about making them at home, just bought them at the store. The cookie recipe looks divine, I might try that first.....mmmmmm.

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