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Carolina Summer Camps to the Rescue

Are your kids going to camp this summer?

Schools are finishing up for the year, students and teachers are ready for a break!
Summer camps are gearing up for the arrival of new campers, but wait.............you forgot to sign the kids up for summer camp, ekkkkkk!! What now?
Are you going to be stuck with those kids all summer yelling...MOMMY!!......."I'm bored"....No!!

It's not to late to check out some of the best camps around you, Carolina Summer Camps is just the place to visit! Carolina Summer Camps to the Mommy rescue!
They have done all the work for you, compiling a comprehensive list of camps that will suit your family's needs. This awesome list has something for your sports fan, horse lover, artist, musician, chef, outdoors-man, camper, cheerleader, day camper or residential camper, even legos.
What kind of camp are you looking for? Listings and information about :
  • Arts Camps
  • Sports Camps
  • Academic Camps                                       
  • Church Camps
  • Residential Camps
  • Specialty Camps
Take your pick of areas all across North Carolina from Asheville, Charlotte, Winston Salem, Greensboro, Kernersville, Cary, Durham and even on the coast at Wilmington!

 FAQ for parents

Are you a parent with questions, worried about sending your child away to summer camp?, think you can't afford summer camp, are you a teen that wants to work at a summer camp? All of your questions can be answered here and on the Carolinas Summer Camps website HERE
How can parents save money when enrolling their child in a summer camp?
• #1 Register early to take full advantage of all early-bird discounts!
• #2 ASK if they have scholarships, financial aid or a sliding scale.
• #3 Offer to volunteer at camp for a reduced or free camper registration.
• #4 Ask friends of your child(ren) to register together for a group discount.

How can parents prepare their children for attending their first summer camp?
• Day camps are more fun when children know at least one other camper who will be attending. Don't assume that they will be in the same group, let the camp director know your preferences when you initially register your child.
• Take a tour of the facility. Let them view their website ahead of time. The more familiar they are with the environment, the less overwhelming they will feel.
• For residential camps, make sure that this isn’t the first time your child will be sleeping away from home. Let them practice overcoming their separation anxiety with a couple of sleep-overs with friends or family before going to a residential camp.

How do parents find if a summer camp has had any complaints filed against them?
• Look up the camp on the Better Business Bureau for any grievances. (BBB.org)
• Ask your friends through social media (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.) if they have had any positive or negative experiences with the camp. Your friends will tell you!
When should teens start sending in their resumes to camp directors for summer jobs?
• Many Camp Directors start receiving resumes in January and February. Don't wait. With the high levels of unemployment, there will be a tremendous competition for jobs. Send follow-up emails and make phone calls to show your interest.
• Camp Directors want fun camp counselors who campers will enjoy being around, while also respecting and obeying them. The more experience you have working with kids, the better. Volunteer with your local schools, YMCA, churches, scouts, and other civic organizations to build your experience levels.

What qualities should parents look for in a great summer camp?
• A high percentage of returning campers shows that the campers had fun last year.
• A low camper-to-counselor ratio. 10:1 is good. 5:1 is great!
• Staff trained in CPR, first aid skills, and conflict resolution techniques.
• Low staff-turnover shows good experience.
If my child takes medication during the school year, should he/she take it for summer camp?
• First, consult with your child's pediatrician before ever deciding to stop treating your child with any medication.
• Most children with allergy, asthma, diabetes, attention and impulsivity conditions are not "healed" during the summer months. Many times it can be worse with the heat, additional exercise, and being outside. Children with medical issues usually need special treatment to help them enjoy their summer camp experience the most.
• For children who take medication for their attention or impulsivity, it can be especially hard for them to listen to instructions, get along with peers, and control their impulses when they are not on medication.

So pack that bug repellent, NC has some giant mosquitoes you know,


Prepare to have a fabulous summer!

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