Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Have a Totally Wacky Day!

It's Wednesday, hump day, again what can we do for fun to liven up this week?
How about a Wacky list of fun things to do if you so choose.

30 Things to do for fun on Wacky Wednesday or at least dream about
  1. Slide down grass hills on card board boxes. 
  2. Go play in fountains until you get caught.
  3. Paint your cat's toenails. 
  4. Wear pajamas in public.
  5. Buy or make a crazy hat and wear it!
  6. Stay up all night with someone, sitting on their kicthen counter brewing and drinking endless cups of tea while talking and laughing the night away.
  7. Spend a couple hours talking to a stranger (maybe not this one)
  8. Laugh until you cry.
  9. Do something worthwhile for the needy.
  10. Go caroling, even though it isn't Christmas. 
  11. Play spin the bottle.(keep your clothes on kids)
  12. Swim in the ocean at night and watch the stars from the water.
  13. Go skinny dipping! (adults only)
  14. Meet and hang out with someone famous.
  15. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
  16. Go to Paris and sketch the Eiffel Tower. (this would be neat)
  17. Eat pizza at the leaning tower of Pisa. (Pizza maybe)
  18. Write a song.
  19. Make someone's wish come true.
  20. Design my dream home and live in it.
  21. Have a tree-house in the forest with rope swings.
  22. Own a gumball machine.
  23. Get in touch with old friends-and stay in touch.
  24. Have a tea party.
  25. Have an old movie marathon.
  26. Learn to speak another language.
  27. Have a foreign pen-pal.
  28. Go hiking in the rain. 
  29. Go slip and sliding in your front yard. 
  30. Do synchronized swimming with a friend. 

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